So technically I have only read one book on my original summer reading list, but I did add two to it, both of which I did read.  I’m thinking some of these might have to transfer over to the “Fall Reading List,” but that’s fine with me.  Good books will be there waiting for me when I close the back cover.  Lately it’s been a lot like chain-reading around here.  Everybody’s got a book, which makes me happy. 
I wanted to check in with you and review the books I’ve checked off so far this summer, book critic style, using their fancy verbiage. No “goods” allowed.  I can only be fair, since I made my kids to it that way.
See, it’s gotten bigger since June…

House Girl by Tara Conklin: Intriguing and Wearisome.  This book is about a slave girl in pre-Civil War Virginia.  She is determined and strong and desperate.  She shares the main character role with a woman living in modern-day NYC.  I like how this book intrigued me to learn more about the time period, especially about the Underground Railroad.  If you like historical fiction, you will like this.

Serena by Ron Rash: Agitating and Severe. I was interested in reading this book because the setting is right here where I live.  It’s crazy to me to think that just in 1929, you were able to cut down whole forests of trees, just because you could.  No regulations, just stake your claim and go for it.  This book was centered around a couple from Boston and their hunger for money in the field of timber.  They are a pretty strange couple to begin with but they get even stranger when the wife, Serena realizes that her husband has an illegitimate child.  (spoiler alert: she’s really not happy about it.)
This book was hard for me at times because of the harsh way of living and the dangerous conditions the workers had to live in.  There was some violence in this book, just to let you know. 
I kind of feel like there were a few questions left unanswered, but other than that it was a great book.
This and the following book were added because of an article I read about movies coming out this year. I am a firm believer in “read the book first,” which is why I refuse to see The Book Thief.  I must read it first.  

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Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn: Alarming, Twisting, Nuts.  I read this book in four days.  Like I’ve said, I am not a fast reader, but I had. to. know. how. it. ended! The twisting and turning is incredibly.  A husband comes home to his house in disarray and his wife is missing.  And so begins the game of cat and mouse.  I lost many hours of sleep over this book.  It was a thriller for sure!
There was quite a bit of harsh language in this one, so be warned. 
Alright, obviously I have nothing to do but read, so back to my book!
How are your summer reading lists coming? I would love to know what you’re reading.
Happy weekend to you!

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  1. I bought 'One Thousand White Women' a month ago at our library's used book sale. I've put it up to read this winter. Ron Rash taught my British Lit class when I was in college and he was amazing. Very unique for sure. My favorite book that he wrote is 'The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth." It's a collection of short stories that are so hilarious! I've read most of his books but I haven't read 'Serena' yet…I guess I'll have to add it to my reading list 🙂

  2. while the Book Thief was not my favorite story, it is a MUST read. The writing is like none I have ever read. It's phenomenal. I haven't read any of those 3.

  3. I read Gone Girl in about a day. Holy cow! That book blew my mind! I think I will go on to The Fault in our Stars next.

  4. The Book Thief is a must read. I don't even need to see the movie now. The Fault in Our Stars was a terrific read. I read it in like three days. I also have read memoirs by Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. Laura's was better. Her personality is more like mine, whereas Michelle Obama came across as a lot more brash and arrogant. I also just finished reading The Kind Mama, by Alicia Silverstone. I don't usually read books by celebrity types, but hers had a lot of neat ideas for green living, especially when it comes to toys, food, diapering,attachment parenting, etc. I didn't agree with everything, but that's ok, too. Happy Reading!

  5. Christy recently went to hear Gillian Flynn speak. She found her smart and really really funny. Also learned her first name is pronounced with a hard-G.


  6. I am a homeschooling mom in Mississippi and have enjoyed your blog for a long time! I just finished All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It was epic, sad and hopeful. Enjoy!

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