Being in my hometown evokes a Pandora’s Box of memories.  The little girls riding their bikes down the quiet streets so reminds me of myself.  When I was 12, my summer days were pretty simple; my bike, the pool, and the same two tank tops and cut off jeans every single day.  I rode to the pool most afternoons and many days, I would bike to the library.  I was probably too cool for the summer reading program at that point, but I loved to read.  I didn’t need rewards to motivate me.  I would peruse the shelves, usually choosing mysteries.  I would read one book after another, slipping away for hours to enjoy my new book then then cruising down to the library to start all over again a few days later.

Not much has changed for me as far as a summer reading habit.  Summer seems to beckon me to sit in the sun and get lost for a while with a stack of great literature.  These days, instead of mysteries, I lean more towards historical fiction, but I’m open to many types of good books.  And these days, instead of the library, I have switched to buying a lot of my books either on Amazon or Goodwill, since the restrictions of a due date seem too hindering for me most of the time.

 This summer is no different from when I was 12.  I still have a summer reading list.  Most of it is historical fiction but there are a few nonfiction titles mixed in too.  Here’s what I’m reading:

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For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School
by Susan Macaulay

Please note, I haven’t finished one of these books, so I can’t say how great they are or aren’t.  I’ll keep you updated throughout the summer.  I’m about halfway through The House Girl and its so good so far.
What about you? Do you love summer reading? What’s on your lists? Have you read any of my picks?


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  1. Thank you for the list!!!! I just started figuring out that it's OK to just sit and read right in the middle of the day. Feels so scandalous! Ha! I love free time!!!!

  2. Mrs. Poe is on my Summer list too, Alicia! I'm goingt to post mine over the weekend. I love getting book ideas from other people(i'm lazy) and can't wait for your reviews!

  3. I read The Book Thief and it was amazing. You will laugh and cry. Have Kleenex handy. Currently I'm reading Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush. What an extraordinary first lady. Regardless of your political party preference, you will love seeing a glimpse into the White House from her point of view. Next I'm reading Balancing it all by Candace Cameron Brue and The Fault in our Stars.

  4. Just commented on fb, but will here too. I believe I told you a few yrs ago about Outlander. Best historical fiction EVER. pinky swear. I spent one summer , between 4th and 5th grade reading all the sweet valley high books. One day I read 6. I think that was my record ;)Only one I've read on that list is For the Children's Sake. Very good!

  5. Mrs.Poe has been on my list. Can't wait to hear your review. I have been reading some teen fiction// The Fault in our Stars & Wonder// my girlies want to read them so I had to preview.
    Happy reading! I love summer reading!!!

  6. I miss reading so much! I love it, but just don't take the time, or when I do I usually fall asleep :/ But I just started one the other day, and I know that once I rekindle that flame i'll want to keep going, or so I hope! Summer is the perfect time for it!

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