We’re moving into a new week while we’re tipping our hats and graciously curtseying to the weekend.  It lived up to all it’s expectations we heaped on it.  With four little kids, it’s easy to say no to a lot of things because, well, it’s not easy to schlep four kids plus all their stuff all over creation.  But when we say yes we almost never regret it.  We live in this magically weird place that begs to be explored.  After living here almost three years, there’s still so much we want to do and redo again.  This weekend we redid and did some new things too, providing us with a list of Good Things to start our week off right.

Downtown Asheville

To say it’s a great place to people watch would be a gross understatement.  To say it’s a great place to people watch on a Friday night is an even grosser understatement.  We love the Friday night drum circle.  A collection of the strange and unique all toting their random percussion, yes, even two spoons count.  Anyone can join in, and believe me, anyone and everyone does join in.  

This girl could hula like I’ve never seen.

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Saturday Morning Color Run
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and it was especially worth the wait to do it with Noah!  We got up bright and early to run and be pelted by chalky color till we were almost unrecognizable.  Totally worth the wait.

Budding Photographers
Coming home, reluctantly showering off our color, and carving out a couple hours to nap provided just the right mix of fun and rest.  We had an easy summer supper off the grill and Jack avoided cleaning up by brushing up on photography skills.  He calls this one: Vera Through a High Chair Back.
Nature Discoveries

I love being called outside to see the newest discovery.  Sunday night it was interesting mushrooms. 
Weekend Sewing Class Prep
After a couple little neighbor girls asked me again to show them how to sew, it hit me: a fun little summer sewing class to teach them some basics and help them create some fun projects.  We got organized with invitations and supply lists.  Sophia and I hung pretty banners and prepared work stations and completely unnecessary custom name tags.  The little students will be here at 10am to learn some sewing machine basics and sew a brilliant tote bag. 

Before I go, I have to share something so fun coming up this Friday: The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas!

I was super excited to join 54 other homeschooling mamas to compile this HUGE book of homeschool ideas.  Any question you might have about homeschooling is written about in this book.  I wrote three chapters: Children’s Literature, Homeschool Conferences, and Unit Studies.  Here’s a little more on the details of this book:
W H O: 55 new and veteran homeschool moms talking about their favorite subjects: their kids + school.
W H A T: 103 chapters on everything you would want or need to know about homeschooling.  Stages from infants to high school, every subject under the sun, and challenges like learning disabilities, moving while schooling, and sticking to a budget.
W H E R E: You can buy the book right here on my blog! Only the 55 writers of the Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas will be selling the book on their blogs.  Come back on Friday to purchase.
W H E N: Friday, August 1st is the big day!! It will be available at 12am.  I’ll also be giving away a big basket of nature study goodies, so come back on Friday! Make sure you’re a subscriber so you don’t forget!
H O W: After you purchase the Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas, you’ll receive a link in your email box to download.  With your purchase, you’ll get the .pdf version, plus versions for your electronic readers as well.
W H Y: Because it’s our passion.  I’m a member of a fantastic group of home educating mamas at iHomeschool Network and we are passionate about schooling our kids at home.  We want to spread that love to you all too. 
Don’t forget to come back Friday, August 1st!!
Happy Monday, peeps.  I’ll leave you with this to ponder on this week:
“Be in love with your life, every detail of it.”
-Jack Kerouac 

F O L L O W   B Y   E M A I L:  

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend – Mondays always seem easier coming off a fun weekend! 🙂 We are doing a mud run next month & cannot wait!

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