I am not the best seamstress.  I guess at everything, measure once and cut twice, throw the pattern away mid-project–not the best seamstress.  Definitely not in the position to teach impressionable little girls their first lessons on sewing.  But we’re doing it anyway.  Sophia and her wannabe-seamstress-mother are hosting a little sewing class for our neighbor girls this week and it has been so much fun.  They have come every morning so excited to learn and create.  I love their faces when they serge and raw edge with no help or twirl in the new skirt they just made themselves–its so gratifying.

We’ve kept it really simple.  Really simple. 

We gave out little invitations with times and what everyone would need: fabric and sizes, scissors, elastic, thread, etc.  I wanted the girls to be able to pick out their own fabrics and really see a project from beginning to end.
Sophia and I made (completely unnecessary, but cute) nametags.  Just a little something fun to give the girls on the first day of class.  I had all their stuff ready to go for the first day: tote bags!

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For their tote bags, I had them each buy a 1/2 yard of heavier cotton or canvas fabric.  Ahead of time, I cut 4 inches off the top raw edge of their fabric and cut it in half for the handles.  So they didn’t have to turn skinny handles right side out, I just ironed them in half, opened it back up and folded the edges back to the middle fold and ironed.  Then they sewed them shut. 
We hemmed the top of the bag, attached the handles, and folded the fabric in half to create our bags.  They serged along the side and bottom and that was it! 

They wanted to add a little monogram, so I had them pick scraps out of my stash to do that.  We used iron-on adhesive to stick them on.  Then I stitched around the edges to make sure they stayed put.
Day two was skirt day.  Again, no pattern.  Just a 1/2 yard of fabric, cut to the length of each girls’ sizing.  We kept the width for fullness.  They hemmed the bottom, added a casing for elastic on top, and that was it!  

Pretty sure they were happy with their work.

Today is our last day, but I’m thinking they’re going to want to sew more projects after today! 


  1. Wow! I LOVE that. I am also of the not-the-best-seamstress class of sewers, so it’s lovely to read this down-to-earth version of a really fun-looking activity to do with your daughter and friends!! Love all the fantastic pics, too!

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