Spring Diffuser Blends

I love to diffuse essential oils all year long. Today I’m sharing my favorite spring essential oil blends. I absolutely love the fresh smells of spring: lavender, lemon, citrus. These are my favorites!

It’s become a little mini ritual. I come into the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee and fill the diffuser with another one of my favorite spring essential oil blends.

In this post, I’m sharing 8 of my favorite spring essential oil blends for your diffuser, where I buy my essential oils, a coupon code, and diffuser suggestions. Enjoy!

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If you’re looking for a fresh way to usher in spring, look no further. Here are 8 spring essential oil blends to diffuse this season:


It seems like every store these days carries essential oils, but they’re not all the same. Many of the oils you’ll find at Target or Walmart are only a small portion actual oil and the rest of the bottle is just filler. Definitely look at the ingredients before buying.

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We’ve been using essential oils in our house for almost 20 years! I started using them when my oldest was a baby and had a stuffy nose. There wasn’t much I could do for him but to run a humidifier in his room. I really wanted to use some Watkins menthol rub on him–it works so well for stuffy noses!–but I didn’t want him to rub it into his eyes. 🙁

So my first experience with essential oils was running to the health food store and grabbing a bottle of eucalyptus oil. Those were the days when there weren’t a ton of options–just lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus! I brought home the bottle and sprinkled a few drops on some tissues and threw them in the corners of his crib. It was like a mini diffuser.

And it worked like a charm!

After that I was sold! There weren’t a lot of options, but I used them on everything I could think of from then on.

Today, I have two favorite places to get essential oils: DoTerra and Sixth Scents Oils.

DoTerra is great and I love their blends! But you do need to become a member to purchase and all that stuff.

Sixth Scents Oils are purchased either by subscription–you can get a curated monthly box of oils (love that!) OR just order individual oils.

Either choices are great! (I do have a coupon code for Sixth Scents Oils–keep reading!)


Here are my favorite spring essential oil blends–I typed a (*) beside any DoTerra blends. I also typed the number of drops beside the oil. I usually double the recipe because my diffuser is pretty big.

May Flowers

3- Lavender
3- Bergamot
2- Ylang Ylang

Clean Green

3- Lemongrass
2- Eucalyptus
1- Lavender

Clean Laundry

3- Siberian fir
3- Cypress
2- Wintergreen

Breath of Fresh Air

2- Lavender
2- Peppermint
2- Lemon

Subtly Spring

2- Lavender
2- Bergamot

Fresh New Start

3- Balance*
3- Purify*
3- Lime

Clean the Air

4- Bergamot
3- Grapefruit
2- Lemongrass

Hello Spring

2- Geranium
2- Lemon
1- Grapefruit

Spring Diffuser Blends


I have been getting Sixth Scents Oils for ages now and they are SO good! You can either subscribe to get the monthly oil box, which includes six oils, a pretty pine box, and a card with uses for the oils and diffuser blend ideas. I absolutely love getting these boxes.

If you don’t want to do the boxes, you can order individual oils as needed.

To try them out, use the code: ALICIA10 for $10 off any order–yay!!


I’ve gone through many diffusers over the years–some are good, some not so good. My favorites are the ones that have a larger water well because they seem to kick out much more steam.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I have had this one forever–at least two years. I actually have two of them and I use them in larger rooms like my kitchen and living room. This one really kicks out a lot of steam, which I love.

The following two are great for smaller rooms like the bathroom or bedroom. They’re also really pretty, which is also important!



  1. These spring diffuser blends are a delightful way to welcome the season into our homes. The aromatic combinations, such as May Flowers, create an ambiance that truly captures the essence of spring.

  2. I have three of the last diffuser you recommend in this post and I LOVE them! Thank you also for these spring blends. As I filled my diffuser downstairs today I was thinking I needed to change seasons with my oils.

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