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Learning through literature has always been a huge part of our homeschool. Our overflowing bookshelves are a testament to that! But they’re not just full of any books. I am particular about what books take up room on our shelves. Today I want to share once again about Beautiful Feet Books and their rich titles. They asked if I would review their Early American Intermediate Pack for around 4th-6th graders and I was happy to check it out. I was compensated for my time and all opinions are my own.

If you’re shopping for history curriculum for the coming school year or you want to know more about learning through literature with your kids, this will be a review for you.

In this review, I will share all the details to the Early American History pack, why learning through literature is such a great way to learn, and what I love about Beautiful Feet Books.

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Want to know how to learning through literature with your kids? Here is my detailed review of Beautiful Feet Books.

A Beautiful Feet Books Review on Early American Intermediate Pack

Beautiful Feet Books works so well for our family because of the flexibility. We are able to work straight through the lesson guide or we can skip over certain parts too. The Early American Intermediate pack includes 23 books covering the Vikings through the Civil War. It covers Native Americans, explorers, the Pilgrims, slavery, the Revolutionary War, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War.

It includes biographies and books on Harriet Tubman, Lincoln, Lewis and Clark, William Penn and more.

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The teacher guide lays out a plan to read each book included in the pack in about 129 Lessons or 3-4 lessons per week for a one-year study. The teacher guide is also FULL of recipes, craft ideas, character study ideas, and lots of extended reading ideas. There are SO many great book ideas that you can grab from the library and have your kids read on their own or all together.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Teacher Guide
  • 1 Timeline
  • 1 blank Notebook
  • 23 Books

What’s So Great About Learning Through Literature?

Do you remember the textbooks you read in school being engaging or memorable in any way? Me neither! By learning through rich literature, we are giving our kids a better way to learn. They won’t remember lists of dates from a dry textbook, but they WILL remember a page-turning book or story that grips their attention from the first page.

When I was little, my mom bought be Sarah Morton’s Day. It was all about a little girl growing up in Plymouth Plantation. It walked the reader through her daily tasks and chores, what food she ate, and what she wore. I remember that story to this day! It sucked me in and made me want to learn more about that era in history!

We can offer our kids that same experience every single day.

What I Love About Learning through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

  • Almost ALL of the books we’ve read from BFB are rich, memorable stories. They are tried and true!
  • For high school, they offer full courses and many of them will give your student TWO high school credits instead of just one.
  • This way of teaching through literature is really adaptable to your family’s needs. Add more or less–whatever works! We vary our approach depending on the time of year.
  • If a book isn’t appealing to your family, just skip it. It won’t affect the overall study.
  • Teaching through literature is a fresh way of learning that will never get dry or boring–with the right books! Teaching with living literature is so much better than a textbook.
  • There’s just some things that are learned best through stories. The lessons stick forever.
  • You are able to customize your literature packs based on books you already own or just simply don’t want included. Being someone who struggles conforming to curriculum, I love that their packs are customizable.

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  1. We love Beautiful Feet! Have used them quite a bit in the past. Thank you for sharing

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