End of Homeschool Year Wrap-Up

Time for a homeschool wrap-up! We have come to the end of another homeschool year–I think this makes 15! I’m going to keep saying this: I am not ok with how fast time is flying or the fact that my second child only has two years of high school left or that my third child just entered high school! Not. Ok.

Thank goodness for Little Vera for letting me hang on to the projects and lapbooks a little longer. The older kids still do them if I ask though. 🙂

I thought I would do a proper wrap-up of our school year here and share what we loved, what we didn’t, and some highlights.

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This year, we studied Earth Science with Apologia and for history, we studied church history. I’ll share some details on both of those as well as a video of our projects (below!). We had some unexpected wins and favorites this year as well.

It's always good to wrap-up a homeschool year before starting a new one. Here's everything we did this year: books, projects, and more!

Our Homeschool Year: a Snapshot

Books We Read Aloud this Year:

Science Wrap-Up

I reviewed Apologia’s Earth Science after reading through it back at the beginning of the school year and I knew it was going to be really good. We thoroughly enjoyed our year studying earth science. Apologia does such a great job at mixing rich text with hands-on projects. We worked on globes throughout the year and added to them as we studied different landforms. This was a great way to instill what we were learning.

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Church History Wrap-Up

We have learning about church history within our history studies before, but we have never focused solely on it before. We loved this year of history! Moving through history with the Church at the middle of everything we studied was such a fun way to study history because we could branch off into theology, missionaries, and more!

We used a great stack of books, maps, and documentaries.

Read my post on the Reformation to see exactly what we did for the month of October.

We also added in a Missionary Study with geography as well.

Books we used for Church History:

** One book we started reading and watching was Christian History Made Easy by Rose Publishing. It wasn’t great. It skipped around, seemed a little progressive, and just didn’t focus on the great figures in church history like I thought it would.

VIDEO: Homeschool Year Wrap-Up: the projects we did to round out our unit studies

It's always good to wrap-up a homeschool year before starting a new one. Here's everything we did this year: books, projects, and more!

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  1. It’s always so helpful to see your content as well are following right behind you in a couple grades.
    Thank you for the encouragement and for making me more relaxed for the high school years.
    A blessing as always

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