15+ Super Solid Theology Books You and Your Kids Will Love

Today I am excited to share some of my favorite theology books for kids. I think you and your kids are going to love them! I also want to cover the meaning of theology, what does it mean to catechize our kids, and how I choose theology books for kids.

First off, what is theology? Theology is the study of God. Systematic theology is breaks down theology into orderly accounts of doctrine within the Christian faith. My favorite book for adults on systematic theology is Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul. The action of studying God is one of the most amazing, fulfilling things we can do as Christians because we will never learn it all. And I’ve found that by studying God more, a snowball effect happens. The more I study, the more I want to study even more.

There are lots of theology books for kids out there, but not all are of quality. Here is a list of solid theology books for kids!

How I Choose Theology Books for My Kids

Children are children and I don’t expect them to have a lot of innate discernment at their ages, so I want to make sure the biblical books I present them with are theologically solid.

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A few things I look for in theology books for kids:

  • does the book sugarcoat consequences of sin?
  • or omit sin altogether?
  • does the book speak to God’s authority, holiness, sovereignty

Bottom Line: if I hold the book up to Scripture, does it remain true?

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My pastor once said: Bad theology leads to bad ideas leads to bad decisions. (I may be paraphrasing there a bit, but I’m pretty close.)

Theology matters!! It matters that our kids know God is omnipotent. (Unlimited in His authority and might.)

It matters that our kids know that His Word is inerrant.

And it matters that our kids

What Does It Mean to Catechize Our Kids?

Translated from the Greek, to catechize just means to teach. Really, if you have taught your children something, they’ve been catechized. If they go to school and learn something, they’ve been catechized. But in today’s language, catechism is usually attached with your religion–to teach your child about God.

In a good catechism book, it will layout what your child needs to know in a simple and systematic way, so that your child will be trained to think about the Bible theologically. It will no longer be just stories on pages to entertain, but by catechizing our kids, they will be trained up, shown how to begin to study God, and understand that they are forsaken without God’s goodness.

I love THIS article from Ligonier about The Blessing of Catechizing Our Kids.

There are different books to choose from, but we use Truth and Grace edited by Thomas Ascol and love it. It comes in three different volumes based on age, but I highly recommend starting with the first volume no matter the age of your kids. These books also include a checklist to mark off when your child has memorized a section, hymns to memorize, and a list of Scripture verses to memorize too.

More highly recommended catechism books:

I believe that catechizing my kids gives them a solid foundation to be able to be discerning as their faith grows. By studying God and His Word, they will know when they’re being taught falsities. They will know when a false teacher tries to add to Scripture because they will have been taught that the Bible is inerrant and stands alone and is not to be added to or subtracted from.

It is not the task of the church or the youth pastor to teach our child the Truth, this is our job, parents.

Theology Books for Kids

A few listed below might fall more under the “apologetics” category–or the defense of the Christian faith. But I believe that the more theology we learn, the better defense of the our faith we have, so in a lot of ways theology and apologetics go hand in hand.

I hope these books help your kids (and you!) learn more about God. I know they’ve helped me learn!

The Birds-Our Teachers by John Stott | I was not expecting this book to be such a heavy dose of theology when I ordered it–I just thought the girls and I would be learning about birds! I would have known, had I read more about the author–a well-known theologian, preacher, and teacher. This book is filled with his photography, as he is also a respected birder, and the lessons he’s learned on theology.

A True Story Series:

Each one of the stories above brings the importance and holiness of well-known Bible stories. These are not just picture book adaptations of stories from the Bible. Your child (and you!) will learn about God’s greatness from these stories.

The Ology by Marty Machowski | If I could choose just one book from this list, it would be The Ology. It’s such a beautiful and full book on theology for kids. Each section covers Christology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology and more in a very simple way.

The Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski | This is a great book for teaching your kids the importance of reading the entire Bible, not just the new testament. Each story–from the Old and New Testament–shows how the whole 66 books is weaved together to ultimately point back to Jesus.

The Biggest Story by Keven DeYoung | Another great book for leading kids through the Bible and showing them how it’s all connected. This one is especially great at showing how we need a Savior.

Case for Christ for Kids series by Lee Strobel

More Theology Books for Kids

Wonder Full: Ancient Psalms Ever New by Marty Machowski | Again, Marty Machowski! This book takes you through the entire book of Psalms and shows what we can learn from each one.

What Every Child Should Know About Prayer by Nancy Guthrie | This book uses people from the Bible to show kids how they can approach God in prayer. It also shows kids about the character of God through His Word and how we can learn to pray with that in mind.

Answers in Genesis for Kids series

Truth and Grace Catechism Books

R.C. Sproul Picture Books:

I just love R.C. and his children’s books are incredible!

There are lots of theology books for kids out there, but not all are of quality. Here is a list of solid theology books for kids!

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  1. Great list! Thank you so much for recommending The Birds-Our Teachers by John Stott. I’ve only read the sample pages and love it already!

  2. This is a great list, thank you! The most comprehensive theology book for younger kids that I’ve found is the same one my parents used for me, “Leading Little Ones to God” by Marian Schoolland. It’s solid and incorporates much of the content from evangelical catchehism yet in a very engaging format. Originally written in the 60s I believe, the language can be a bit dated or written for a younger audience, but I’ve been able to easily adapt it while reading to my kids. We’ve done it at preschool and again upper elementary ages.
    Here’s a link to it

  3. Wow someone was bitter.
    Thank you for this list. Going to look at getting some this month. Thank you for being a faithful mom helping other moms trying to be faithful too. Don’t let people get you down.

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