How Can I Teach My Teen Life Skills?

Does it feel impossible to teach your teen all the life skills he needs to know before he leaves home? It so does! Some of my favorite classes in high school were the ones that taught real, applicable life skills like cooking, note-taking, and how to balance a checkbook. Many parents today share with me that schools don’t offer many courses like this anymore. One of the many reasons I love homeschooling is that we have the opportunity to discuss and learn about real, applicable skills just in our everyday life.

Some skills are harder to teach in everyday situations and we want to make sure our kids are ready when they get out into the world.

Enter Voyage by Thrive Academics, an online course for your high schooler or middle schooler to help equip them for college and career.

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It's difficult to teach your teen life skills when there are so many things we need to teach them each day. Here's a course to solve that!

What is Voyage and How Does it Teach Teen Life Skills?

Voyage is an online course made up of five modules: Who I Am, College Planning, Career Planning, Financial Responsibility, and Everyday Living.

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Your child can go through this course in about one semester. If you wanted to have your child take them course more slowly over the entire year, that would work as well. It would also be a great summer course as well.

Voyage is designed for middle school or high school kids.

Let’s Look More Closely at the Five Modules:

Who I Am

In this module, your teen will dive into what their strengths are, their purpose, and how to set goals.

Voyage is not a religious course. As Christians, this was a great opportunity to talk about how to look at these topics through a biblical worldview.

Career Planning

I found this to be a super helpful module as far as teaching my teen life skills that will impact him in the near and distant future.

In this module, your teen will be:

  • Creating a career profile
  • Research careers
  • Practice filling out a job application
  • Write a cover letter
  • Write a resume
  • and Walk through a virtual job interview

Most kids have no idea what they want to “be when they grow up.” Understandable! This module will help them get an idea of what area of work they may be suited for.

College Planning

Whether or not your child knows if they’re college bound or not, the topics covered in this module are great life skills for teens.

They will learn how to research and find the right school, how to apply for college and for financial aid, and even tips on managing your schedule at college.

Financial Responsibility

Teens not only need to know how to earn money, but how to manage it! This module covers:

  • Types of bank accounts
  • Understanding credit
  • Financial responsibility
  • Budgeting
  • and Student loans

We’ve been able to teach our teen life skills in this area by helping them get a job early on. But even after managing their own bank accounts for some time, this module helped them learn a lot!

Everyday Living

This module is just packed with helpful tools for teen life skills!

  • Healthy eating
  • Making doctors appointments
  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • Health Insurance
  • Traveling
  • Navigating an airport
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Finding a room mate
  • Making good first impressions
  • Social media
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • and more!

Free Checklist for Teaching Teen Life Skills

If any of the above sounds piques your attention, I highly recommend downloading Thrive Academic’s free Adulting Checklist. This is a fantastic list full of ideas. It also helps fill in any holes you may have overlooked.

Voyage Details:

What is the price of the course? $60 for all five modules

What ages is the course recommended for? Middle and High schoolers.

Is the course graded? Each module ends with an assessment and requires an 80% correct score to continue onto the next module.

Do we have to complete the entire course or just some modules? If you are wanting to just teach your child certain modules, you can do that.

How long do we have to complete the course? You have access for one year. The course can be finished in about one semester.

Enter for a Chance to take Voyage Course for Free!

Because Thrive Academics is committed to helping teen life skills, they are offering a giveaway of their course. See all the details below:

Helping to Teach Our Teen Life Skills

It can be overwhelming trying to think of all the hundreds of things our teens need to know before leaving home. I highly recommend Voyage to come alongside you to teach your teen life skills. I found that going through this course, it opened lots of topics for conversation. It also give my teens a peek at things they haven’t experienced yet.

Don’t forget to go check out the Voyage course AND download the Adulting Checklist for free!

It's difficult to teach your teen life skills when there are so many things we need to teach them each day. Here's a course to solve that!

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