Four Things to Love About Apologia Earth Science

Today I want to share with you about Apologia Earth Science. But first I wanted to share this: after 13 years of homeschooling my kids, I am pleased to announced that we have fully completed an entire science curriculum. I have Apologia Science to thank for it! We are typically dabblers in science, using things like subscription boxes and picture books and nature walks to complete our science for the year. But deep down, I’ve always wanted to really dig deep into a science topic with my kids and see it through for the whole school year. And we did it!

With this newfound confidence in being a Science Mom, I am more than excited to have our science curriculum in place for this coming fall: Apologia Science: Exploring Creation with Earth Science!

In this post, I’m bringing you four of my TOP reasons to be excited for the new Apologia Earth Science curriculum, a giveaway, AND a video review as well with peeks inside the curriculum.

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Apologia Earth Science Review

Apologia Earth Science: Creation-Based Curriculum

Like many homeschool families, I want don’t want my kids’ curriculum to contradict what we believe. As Christians, I want our science curriculum to be taught from a creationist point of view. All of Apologia’s curriculum is taught with a biblical worldview and Apologia Earth Science is no different.

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What they read on the pages of the text book only reinforces what we’ve learned through studying Scripture. Our Creator has provided a beautiful place for us to live and Apologia Earth Science breaks down every part of the earth for us to understand better, but also understand why God made it the way He did.

Sprinkled throughout the textbook, are “Worldview” blocks, where the author adds a short bit of information to tie back the topic at hand to God. I love that. They also add a bit of Scripture to go along with that topic too.

Need Help with Laying out the Schedule?

If you’re the type of homeschool parent who just needs a little guidance in scheduling your days, the Apologia Earth Science notebook is made for you! For me, I’m not great at following the schedule others have made, BUT I do love to see how the curriculum author has intended their book to be covered.

At the beginning of the notebook, you will see a clear picture, week-by-week, of how to lay out your weeks of science. Each lesson takes about 2 weeks to get through and there are 14 lessons in the book.

I love that I can easily glance through the schedule and get a visual for how the year of science will look!

Apologia Earth Science Covers a Wide Variety of Topics

If you’re thinking this curriculum will cover some rock formations and landforms, think again! I am so excited for the wide variety of topics we’ll be covering this coming year.

Like I said, there are 14 lessons in the textbook and they are as follows

What’s Inside

  • The Observable Universe: galaxies, solar system
  • The Habitable Zone: our home on earth, the Goldilock’s zone, sun
  • Spheres of the Earth: geosphere, hydrosphere, air pressure
  • Mapping Your World: creating a map + a globe, latitude and longitude
  • The Geosphere: tectonics, mountains, rocks
  • Making and Shaping the Land: dirt, soil layers
  • The Hydrosphere: oceans, rivers, the water cycle
  • The Atmosphere: air, air pressure, humidity and moisture
  • Climate + Weather: equinox, summer solstice, winter solstice, tempteratures
  • Weather Forecasting
  • The Biosphere: biomes
  • Cycles of Life: rock cycle, mineral cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, recycling
  • Unique Places on Earth
  • God in Creation: stewards of the earth

The Projects are Amazing in Apologia Earth Science

The last thing that I absolutely love about Apologia Earth Science is…the projects! Each chapter is full of hands-on activities you can do with your kids to really solidify what you’re learning.

Here are a few:

  • Creating a Globe and adding to the globe when you learn about a new topic– I can’t wait for this part! What an amazing way to tie a whole year of science together!
  • making Edible Rocks
  • Understanding How Volcanoes Make New Land
  • Testing Air Pressure
  • Weather Balloon Modeling
  • journaling
  • notebooking
  • and more!

I’m not quite ready for school to begin yet, BUT I am very excited to complete Apologia Earth Science with my kids this school year!

Are you interested too? Check out more details HERE and order your science curriculum today!

Apologia Science Giveaway!

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