Summer’s End

Tomorrow the kids will go back to enrichment class. 
Wednesday we will start school at home.
That means summer is officially ending.

I can tell you honestly I’m not that sad that its over. I’m ok with summer’s end for a couple of reasons.  One, I am craving routine and schedule. I tend to get that way at the end of summer.


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But the other reason is that this summer has been a long one.  A long and not particularly easy one. Besides some difficulties, it has been really hard to not compare this summer to last summer’s nonstop fun like this and this and this.  The older kids have had to get used to laying a little low this summer. The daily trips to the pool three times a day took a major backseat to naptime and going on multiple beach trips were replaced with more mellow close-by trips to hikes or baseball games.

I’ve been focusing a lot on exactly where I’m at right now.  I’ve had to let go of a lot of expectations of myself because I just have to love myself more right now…something that I often struggle with. Being focused on this goal or that goal that would have been great a year ago, just isn’t going to work for me right now. I’m letting go of high expectations with this fresh month and season and holding on to the basics.  I just have to tell myself, this is not the time in my life to set the bar too high…another time, yes.  Now? Not quite.

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With a new season, comes the reflection of the last. Remembering all the things that we did together this summer, albeit simple things, we still did them.  Our big chalkboard of summer bucket list checkmarks prove it.
Berry Picking
Sliding Rock
An Impromptu Tea
A Camping Party
Homemade Ice Cream
and laying in the hammock
and so many more….these are memories.

They are simple, but they are still memorable. 

Happy long weekend day to you and yours.  See you Wednesday with our first day of school, classroom pics, and our curriculum!


  1. You are so beautiful! And our chat was JUST what I needed today! Thank you for being YOU! Here's to a new school year! So blessed to go through these 'homeschool years' with you!!

  2. You are a very wise mama! The turn of seasons is always my favorite… whatever the season may be… but Fall is my particular fave. Can't wait to hear more about this year's school. You're one of my biggest homeschool inspirations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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