Permission to be a Little Emotional

I’m sitting here laughing at this post because today I was supposed to share our school room and what curriculum we’re using this year and yada yada…sorry, this is not that post.

You see, I started this morning with high hopes and sharp pencils and a highlighted lesson planner, but when at breakfast of this sunshiney day you see a mouse in your kitchen…something that’s never happened to me before…things tend to go downhill. 

Loooong siiiiigh.

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Its just a mouse. It is. But I feel like it’s compounded with a whole lot of other things, making me tired and worn out.

When I list my blessings vs. my struggles, the blessings always outweigh.  They always win. Besides the big things like health and togetherness, there’s the small ones that add up like:
-the dryer running meaning laundry is getting done
-the smell from the slow cooker meaning dinner is done
-reservations just made for a homeschool day at the Biltmore Estate
-tickets booked today to go back home not once, but twice this fall (!!)
-fitting into old jeans
-Vera taking a long nap
-a public format to vent (lucky you)
-a MORNING date scheduled for Saturday

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there are so many good things.

I just want to end by saying…if you’re going through some stuff right now? I feel you. I really do. Life is hard sometimes. And sometimes we can laugh it off and sometimes we can’t. But please, mamas, please know that it is real hurt…it is.  Our feelings are valid.  They mean something.  Let’s trust together that things will get better and we’ll come out the other side with toned muscles and good stories to tell, surviving what didn’t kill us and made us only stronger.

The mouse is still in here somewhere.  Probably bathing in my flour or something annoying right this very minute.  I hope he enjoys it, because he’s gonna die. 

And tomorrow will be better.

And then I will share curriculum. 



  1. i have been here more times than i can count…and will be so many more times but you know what? i was thinking this while driving down our street the other day…and i wept to abba because all of the "stuff" even though it sucked and does suck has made me more compassionate and less judgmental and able to comfort others with the comfort He has given me…and it is like stop signs…reminding me that i never want to go down some of those roads again…kinda like a scar. to be teachable is so amazing:) so girl…all your words ring true..and i love your heart as always…hugs and hugs from me to you:) and that sweet baby vera

  2. Love you so much dear friend! I prayed that you would have a wonderful mouse free day today! You have such a good attitude with the 'bumps' life throws. It is such a blessing to call you my friend!

  3. going home twice? AWESOME.
    nothing like HOME.

    it's amazing to me the things that take us OVER THE EDGE.
    I've got my own "mouse" that happened last week.
    me over the edge is never a good thing. seriously.
    praying the rest of your week is better.

  4. Sorry about that mouse. I know it's not even about the mouse. Just the straw. Thanks for being real. Great post. You get to go home twice? That's awesome. I need details.

  5. I am glad you posted this! It means you are a real person. Sometimes it is hard to read blogs, because it can seem like everyone else has a perfect and organized life, while I am over here with a sink full of dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, and a child that can't seem to sit still long enough to complete one subject! Don't get me wrong, blogs can be very inspiring. I read my share, but realness is refreshing as well. Hang in there!

  6. Amen! Great post! My girls just went back to school and I just went back to work {after being home with them for YEARS} and things have been a little hectic around here lately {to say the least!}. Thanks for encouraging me to keep on keeping on!!

  7. I hope he enjoys it, because he's gonna die. That is my favorite line of the day. I too, hope he enjoys it. His future is bleak. Hang in there. Life is crazy rough.


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