A Southern Summer

It’s VBS week, the boys are off to camp next week, then there’s a trip back to So Dak, and a family vacation to the beach. Summer always goes too fast in my opinion, but the days are still long…if that makes any sense. How about this?  The days are long and the weeks are short? Sound right?
Summer in Asheville has meant a few things:
1. Swimming…like everyday. It’s been pretty nice. My house is abandoned, the bathrooms are dirty, but we all have tans and the kids crash for 11 hours straight at night, so I guess its all ok.

2. The beach. The Carolinas have beautiful beaches. I’m in love with the beach. The kids love it for the giant sandbox and all the sea creatures they find. I’m slowly working on a shadowbox/shelf/memory something or another to display some of their finds.
3.  Quick and easy meals, like sandwiches and fish tacos by the pool…thank you Carissa Graham for the best fish taco recipe ever!!

4. Summer creatures. One of these nights we’re going outside to catch some of those lightening bugs flying around outside. There’s so many of them!! They are new to us. Also, teeny butterflies that land on your feet. Oh, and goats…tied up to houses…1/2 mile from my Target…summer in the South at it’s finest. I love it!.
5. The ice cream man.  This guy is so unbelievably awesome! I chased him down on my way home last week. He was at the park and I asked if he would drive through my development next…not wanting to get ice cream in my new car 😉

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He’s been back three times since then. All the parents are cursing me…all the kids are loving me for inviting the ice cream man to come to our neighborhood. The white outfit and hat and bow tie are about enough to do me in! I run for my kitten heels and pearls and I’m living a Norman Rockwell painting…pure summer bliss.

6. Summer projects. I decided to do just a few things for my shop this summer. I’m not taking any custom orders right now, but I did make a few things that I will be listing later this week. Here’s snap of one lil thing…

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Off to VBS for us. I’m corralling 3-year-olds this week. Wish me luck!!
Happy Monday to you!


  1. East Coast Beaches Rock! one thing we have done at all the beaches we have been to is take a sample of sand and put in small glass jars and label them with white tags. they sit pretty on a shelf and remind us… it is amazing how different sand is! we have east coast, west coast, even lake superior!

  2. Love the photo of the ice cream man. It instantly brought back memories of the "Good Humor Man" in his little white ice cream truck from many years ago on Long Island. Life was simple them. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ah, the ice cream man…all the moms in our neighborhood joke about having a "crush" on him. It must be that bowtie 😉

  4. Ah, you make me want to go on vacation to the South! We have had a seriously slow start to summer in my parts! Loving your new blog design and cute new photos with your short do. You are a pretty lady!

  5. uh leave for a week and everything changes! love your new look. summer agrees with you chica. need to text you about becoming part of your summer plans SOON!

  6. It looks like you are living a Norman Rockwell summer! This will be a summer your kids will always rememeber! Cute photos!
    (and yes, the Carolina beaches are the best!)

  7. Alicia, you are too cute! I have recently been reading your blog and so appreciate you sharing the joy of your family and beautifully designed and photographed blog! You are an inspiration!! I also love my stay at home mom job, have a banker husband, love decor details and get excited about rearranging something for fun! Thanks for the fun!

  8. Sounds pretty similiar to our summer too…Gotta love them goats..haha! Nothing finer then a southern summer where you can swim all day and not get cold bc the wind is blowing so hard and making you cold;)

  9. That is a great faux Norman Rockwell snapshot!! We need an ice cream man in our neighborhood too….pronto!! It's just not summer without one. Enjoy your sister time, while the boys are at camp:)

  10. What a beautiful blissful summer! LOVED all your fun pics- especially your new one of you up top- you are so gorgeous!!
    Hooray for your summer line! Can't wait to see it all!!
    Good luck with those 3 year olds!!

  11. Who's amazing adorable in her new hair cut?! That would be you.
    Everything looks so fresh and fun over here. Love your summer doings.
    xo, cailan

  12. so guess what?
    we haven't been to the pool once!
    and i seriously love your suit! i don't think it would stay up on me. :/
    we have millions of fireflies here, the kiddos catch them in jars at night…so fun!
    saying a prayer for you and those three year olds….yeeeesh! they are so precious and BUSY!
    loved all of the pics!
    have a great week!

  13. such awesome summer fun. love yours and sophie's suits. go target! i have the black and white version of yours. i really want one in every color though! : ) that beach sign rocks. you are amazing, girlie! and i'm seriously so glad you loved the fish tacos like i did!!!

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