8 Reasons I’m Feeling Happy Today

Maybe all it takes is a phone call letting you know a high school friend’s two-year-old baby has just been diagnosed with leukemia. Maybe it just takes the neighbor boy whose been left alone for the day while his mama’s at work knocking on your door at 8am to play. Maybe it’s the little boy at Target wearing his bald little head like a name tag saying, “Hi, My Name is….Sick Boy.”

Maybe that’s all it takes to look at your life and want to scream from the mountaintops praises to Jesus for healthy kids, the best job ever, and a husband that treats you like a queen. Whatever it is, I have a full heart today…a grateful heart. Not a naive heart that thinks the worst couldn’t or wouldn’t happen to me, but a grateful-for-this-season-of-peace heart. A God-You-have-blessed-me-so-much heart. We all have our seasons, we all have our turns for grief and heartache. Sometimes it takes the reminder of someone else’s tough season to realize that if our biggest “problem” is our camera being in the shop for three weeks, we’re doing pretty darn good.

So today, I’m praising Jesus in the mountaintop season, storing up for the more valley season.  Happy for these things:

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1. Summertime and all it’s Vitamin-D, Banana Boat oil glory.

I love all the seasons. I love the changes that they bring. But I’m a summer baby and thrive off the summertime. Flip flops and tanning lotion are the best combo ever. Throw in a bomb pop and you’re golden for three whole months! It’s really amazing.

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2. A banker man with a heart of integrity and some kick a** talent.

The Mister and I took a giant leap of faith moving to North Carolina. The city was unfamiliar, the state was like a foreign country, the job even was a new gig. He’s in banking, but his current job was not something he’d done in the past. After eight months on the job, Banker Man has been ranked number one in both Carolinas in his position and even number 10 or something crazy in the whole Eastern U.S. (These stats change like every day, but really…I’m pretty proud. Dude didn’t even tell me his rankings either…I had to have a convo with this boss man to learn these things.) I don’t give you many shout-outs, my love, I prefer to tell them to your sweet face, but this is my public proclamation of proudness to you ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo.

3. Lazy days.

Sometimes even with a list, you’re just not feeling it, but you still feel guilty for not feeling it…does that make any sense? Wednesday, I did nothing. Nothing.  I called my mom, shared with her my list of things to do/organize/check off and my lack of motivation for doing any of those things. Her response was to go to Target and blow off the list completely. Well gee, isn’t that a great idea. So we did.

Coming back home from Target I started feeling like I should actually do something with my life that day, naming off my tasks to my kids, asking them which one they thought I should do. Sophia’s response? “Just don’t do any of that stuff. Just read a magazine and drink coffee.” Well…can’t argue with that one either.

So I did nothing. Lazy day.

4. A fool proof house with no strings attached.

When we moved here, choosing to rent first was definitely the right decision. I knew that. But I still had a hard time going from a great old house with my own yard to sharing walls and ceilings and white carpet. Since our first townhouse, we’ve since moved to an identical one (except with way more character, windows, etc.). These last few months I’ve really felt the benefit of this shared type living. No lawn work, call the landlord when the fridge is acting up, no projects taking up a week at a time. I’m really digging this laid back time right now.

There are moments when I really miss a house, but for right now I’m content where I am.
I like that feeling.

5. The pool. The pool. The pool.

Dear Pool,
Thank you for ruining us forever. We are pool rats. There is no way we’ll get by without one when we move again. Thank you for a job well done.
Sincerely and Tanned,

6. A rescued camera.

That’s right. She’s coming home today.

7. Blogging.

Just thankful for it. That’s all. You girls are such encouragement to me. Thank you for reading every day.

8. Hope in the unknown.

We don’t know where we’re going to live a year from now. I have my preferences, but that might just not happen. And really? I’m ok. I don’t have a clue what our future holds, but I’m really at peace with it.
That’s a good feeling too.
Have a great weekend, my friends ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Your last couple entries have hit me…..whoomp…..right in the heart! Keep it up girl, you are such an inspiration!

  2. i'm with sasha, she's got clouds but we've had rain pouring down all morning!!

    yeah for getting your camera back! i love your photos. they always inspire me!! maybe if i wasn't posting pictures about baby rats, i might feel the same way about my own photos!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You make ME happy. This is a terrific list and I'm the same about Adrain- I'd rather tell him stuff to his face, but every now and then they guy needs a shout out. Love it.

    I'm very jealous of your weather girlfriend. VERY. It's 60 and gray right now… for reals.

    Happy weekend sweet thing!

  4. What a great perspective you shared today! Love your list…sunscreen and flip flops…I get weak in the knees when I smell Hawaiian Tropic! It brings me back to the summer days of using tanning lotion and not sunscreen! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I seriously teared up from the first paragraph. What a great reminder how lucky we are. I instantly wanted to wrap up the lonley neighbor boy and take him home with me!
    So glad you guys are soaking up the pool and enjoying popsicles!
    And way to go hubby!

  6. I am not a summer girl by nature, but as I bring up my kiddos I am becoming more in favor of it. Love your pool pictures:) I love your optimistic approach to the future. This is something we share– even though the unknown can be scary the exhilaration far surpasses the fear.

  7. i LOVE all of this.
    every single bit.
    and i am rejoicing with you today!
    praise the Lord for His bountiful blessings and a full heart.
    you are a treasure girl. a true treasure!

    ps the bloggy is looking AMAZING!

  8. go banker man! woo hoo! proud to be in the carolinas!
    : )

    love that lazy days pic… your eyes scream gorgeous.

    happy you get your friend, camera back today.

    we are pool rats, too! aren't those the best kind?

  9. Summer is treated with the respect it deserves at my house. Yesterday I cancelled our cable so we could properly pay homage to the "greatness of summer!"

  10. Congrats to your hubby! Husband pride, it's a good thing!
    Thank you for sharing your heart today too. Such a blessing!
    I am praising God this morning for my good life today thanks to you sweet lady.
    From one pool rat to another, Have a great weekend!
    ps….what are these lists you speak of? lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Thank you for the reminder Lish- I have SO much to be thankful for- including YOU!
    Give your hubbie a high from me- what a stud!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  12. Great post- all so true. Congrats to your hubby! That is awesome! You blog looks great and I'm so happy your camera will be back today, too! I need to have a lazy day soon. I've stuck to my list for 2 weeks now but need a blow off day!

  13. 1. I am a summer girl too! I love shoe optional weather, the warm sun on my skin, picnics, and any excuse to get wet!
    2. Congratulations to your Mr.! How awesome is that! When we go where God leads us it's amazing how we can be so blessed.
    3. We have lazy day every Wednesday. Seriously it is a no chore day. I craft if I want to, I stay in my pjs if I want to, we nap if we want to, watch tv/movies if we feel like it. I highly encourage lazy days, I think they make me more productive on the other days!

    I totally understand what you mean about looking around and being thankful for your current season of life. I am so happy to be where I am, doing what I'm doing. I feel blessed beyond reason!
    Have a Blessed Day!

  14. I have an idea of where I'd like for you to live! Have I told you before… a million and one times?! I'm so excited for Jarrod, to be recognized like that is something really special! Oh and your blog is looking b-eautiful lately! Did you do it yourself?

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