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It’s Happy Day, folks and how’s your week going so far? Are you feeling good? Have you been busy? Bored? (I doubt that) Have you been working on Summer projects? Most importantly, do you need to take a sec just for you?

When I say “take a sec for me,” that comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve been here long, you know that can come in alllll shapes and sizes.

Yesterday I did some fluffing. Do you like to fluff? It’s my thing. I fluff all the time. I don’t like my house getting too comfortable, you know? It needs to change things up a bit.
So yesterday at the grocer’s I saw sunflowers…for $3.50! I brought those home, added a metal tray, one of my old fans, a candle, and a container of napkins and made myself a fun summery table.๏ปฟ

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A couple of weeks ago, I totally copied Sasha @ Lemonade Makin Mama and made my own “French” linen table cloth. I used regular red paint, taped off where I didn’t want the paint to be and painted straight on to the fabric. I would have liked to go pick up a fabric that was more “linenish” but I already had this long piece of white sackcloth type of material and it looks pretty good. The paint did not fade in the wash like Sasha’s did, so I just flipped it over and use it that way…the other side is way too dark for me.๏ปฟ

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Either way, I love it for summer. It’s fresh and light. I saw another table runner in Country Living this month that might just have to make too…๏ปฟ

So there’s your challenge: fluff something for summer. Redo your table centerpiece, rearrange your furniture, switch out your pillows, clear off a table and set up a place for treasure from nature walks…just do something happy for summer to your house. You can be creative!
If you’re new here and don’t know how this Happy Day thing works: I give you a challenge and a week to do that challenge. You blog about it between now and then and come back next week and link up to the linky thingy and get a new challenge for the week…it’s fun, you’ll see! ๐Ÿ™‚  Also, please add my button from the sidebar and link directly to your post, not your regular url. Thanks!!
For last weeks challenge, you were supposed to make your summer list. Did you do it? And do you like how I timed it with the first official day of the summer season, June 20th?? I know, super clever of me…
I hope you know I’m totally kidding.
Ok, link up! ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy Day Peeps!


  1. I just came across your blog from Life in Grace. I noticed the link up to Summer Lists and added mine. This is the first link up I've ever done! I've only had my blog going for about 2 months. I'll be back for the next challenge. I'm loving your blog.

  2. Okay I still haven't done it. I keep meaning to but I'm waiting on two things and after those are nailed down, I can do it!

    LOve the runner and I'm guessing the reason it didn't fade was prob the fabric… Linen has all those spaces and stuff…I LOVE the way it looks on the backside!! Great job and red is fantastic and summery! I love it all.

  3. I love fluffing the house for different seasons! I look forward to seeing your CL inspired runner. I really liked this month's issue!

    I do not have a list. I would love a list. But right now we are a bit overwhelmed. We live in Birmingham, and my husband is from New Orleans. Both my in-laws are ill and were in a nursing home. They left it earlier in the week and went home. Just left! Trip is going down there tomorrow, and all of our summer plans are up in the air at the moment.

    I want to see everyone's lists, so I will link over soon.


  4. Hooray for fluffing! I have always wanted to try that painted table runner- yours turned out SO cute! What a fun challenge for this week! Love you girl!

  5. Yeah! This challenge works for me!
    We finally started getting our gallery wall up, it's almost done and in doing that we re arranged some of the furniture in our great room.
    I can't wait to share next week!

  6. l am not a fluffer…As my husband puts it, I move things and put them in places where he can't find them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am excited to do these challenges. I hope to do everything on my Summer fun list. Thanks for keepin me thinkin.

  7. I'm definitely a fellow fluffer. Just yesterday I revamped a little table in our living room with some new decor. It just feels good!
    I lalalalalalalove what you did with your table. And what a score with the sunflowers for $3.50! Wow!
    I have a few growing in my garden, but if I was smart I would have planted an entire space FULL of them. Maybe it's not too late. We do have loooooong hot summers here in Arkansas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. well i'm pretty sure i can fluff something. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i LOVE to change things up a bit…but you already knew that!
    your runner and table centerpiece look wonderful!

  9. BEE-utiful table centerpiece! I wish fluffing came a little more natural to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind of ironic since I am trained in design. HA! I am just too tired these days. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Love the new challenge, Love your new haircut…love it all! And it is going to totally look like I copied you but I have paint and drop cloth waiting for a little chair re-do using Sasha's runner idea. And, I think I know what runner from Country Living you are talking about…I just said last night that I wanted to make it! (The ruler?) It's like one brain, you and me!

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