Summer School Tuesdays: Cultivate Learning

Last week I started a little summer series called Art on Tuesday. It took all of 6 days to decide to change it. Which totally goes with the rest of my blog life right now, which appears to be having a total identity crisis, I hope you’ll understand. I think I’m done now…for real.
So Summer School Tuesday? It’s because of this: I get the question all the time, “do you school all through the year?” My answer? We never really stop learning and whether you homeschool or not, your kids are learning constantly too. On Tuesdays I’ll be here sharing ideas, crafts, books we’re reading, and projects that could be considered “Summer School,” even though my kids have no idea! It’s great!!
I think summer “school” is the best because we aren’t actually sitting and pushing pencils around…we’re just playing, reading, exploring. To be honest, I really let them do it. I am the guide person, but I want to cultivate their learning…guide them into learning more on their own.

Summer is a great time to explore and learn about things you don’t have time for during the school year. One of those things for us is oceans. I gathered up a bunch of our sea books; sea creatures, oceans, pirates, hurricanes; and put them in a box next to some jars of seashells. I’m planning on adding some coloring sheets for Sophie too. 

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I like to pull things off the shelf once in a while and set them out in plain view. We have so many books, sometimes my kids forget about them. A few weeks ago, I had a puzzle with inventors on it with a stack of books about inventors. They read all about them and did the puzzle over and over for a week.
Now they’re identifying seashells they’ve found at the beach with their books and naming different types of sharks.

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I also had to add my sign I just listed in my shop. It’ll be there adding to my display till it (hopefully) sells, then I’ll have to rearrange :). I listed a couple different signs today and am listing some summer banners and camera strap covers later today…stay tuned.
Another thing my kids are really into right now is birds. Especially Jack, he’s all about the birds and figuring out what kind is what. We’ve got hummingbird feeders and birdseed feeders hanging and we’ve seen several hummingbirds getting sugar water.

When my mom and dad were visiting, they got Jack some books on NC birds and NC animal tracks. I I gathered up some other bird and animal info I had and put them in a basket beside the front door for easy usage.

I found this cool wheel thingy at the Pottery Barn Outlet of all places. You spin it to see the scientific names of insects, how long they are, and other info. I also added a few manifying glasses too, just in case.

We work so hard during the school year to learn and I hate to think they’re losing it all during summer. I think it’s a good break and a chance to learn a different more laid back way for a few months. Say NO to brain drain, right!?
Ok, gotta go identify a bird 😉



  1. Have a told you I want to be like you when I grow up? Well, I do. Thanks for being so crazy inspirational.
    tucking away ideas.
    cailan : )

  2. Great pictures today.
    I love love love it!
    I always say that whether you home school or not it's still the parents responsibility to pick up where the textbooks leave off. 🙂
    You obviously do a GREAT job of teaching your little bits about everything!!!

  3. love how you keep changing it up. i need to do that. it gets stale. need to call you. been overwhelmed. you should see the laundry i need to put away. ugh!

  4. well this is the coolest ever!
    i tell people all the time that we never stop learning, but i DO really LOVE your way of having it within arms reach and making it fun!!!

    so inspiring!

    and you know i want BOTH of those signs, right?
    like. for real.
    and i cannot wait to see those banners!

    i'm off to fluff something now!


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