Seriously Ill and Other Recent Happenings

This last week in our house has been overly gross. Being overly gross in combination with your friend visiting for only four days is sad and somewhat bitter-inducing, but I’m mostly over it now.  It started with Sophie throwing up (just once thank you Jesus) on the guest bed just two hours before I was to go do the airport pickup.  I recovered quicker than fathomable, especially for me. I am normally paralyzed by the act of vomiting anywhere within a one-mile vicinity close to me. For me it is a fate worse than death.  But I quickly recovered, felt pretty darn good about myself and posted this mama-rant to Instagram to proclaim my victory:

Let me ask you something, mamas. What do you do when there’s puke all over the guest bed and your guest is expected in two hours, your oldest has started an “organizing” project, the baby is crying, and your little boy says he’s bored. You could curl up in a ball and cry (which I sometimes do) OR you could do Choice B: you strip the bed, throw it in the wash and bath the sick one. You ask the oldest to give the baby a bottle and the bored one to go pick flowers for a pretty welcoming table for your guest. You do this then you take a quick cold shower because you used all the hot water on laundry. Then you give the healthy ones some cereal for lunch, slap on some red lipstick, and get yo a** to the airport. You do all this because if you don’t own this role it will kill you and your husband will come home to you sucking your thumb in the closet and that just sucks. Now THAT is the happiest ending to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie if I’ve ever heard one. Own it, mama. ?


Fast forward 24 hours, a reuniting, a year older celebration, an afternoon at the spa, and a lovely dinner out.  The boys started.  But it was so much more than once.  Luckily my sweet friend didn’t mind watching (and protecting) the baby while I was in the trenches cleaning up messes and distributing ice chips.

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Five days after the initial onslaught, Jarrod got this wicked bug.  Vera and I are holding on strong but also washing hands enough to make our hands bleed and buying stock in 3M face masks. You do what you have to do.  This week of sickness has definitely messed with my plans.  I was going to enjoy my friend until Sunday and take this week to really organize my thoughts about school and set up shop and sharpen pencils. None of that has happened.  I get all itchy and twitchy when my plans are upset.  I think I’ll always be that way, even though its gotten better over the years I’m still somewhat twitchy.  I full seven days after this bug attacked, my boys are just now coming out of the dungeon they’ve been locked in. 

Life goes on.  I still turned older, my friend and I still had some good laughs and some fun too, school will start and we’ll fall into a rhythm…it goes on. Personally, I’m so glad this is a time it moves quickly.  I’m over bleach and ice chips.  I’m ready for pencils and crayons. 


  1. oh friend…life does go on doesn't it?
    sometimes it is enough to put us in bed for days..or so we want to and even more "wicked" cause we want to and can't unless we want social serves to be called:?
    so thankful you made it through to the other side…YOU ROCK!! or ROAR as katy perry says. such a good song. hugs from me to you…hug those kiddos…xo

  2. praying you and vera don't get it…YUCK.
    so sorry…sometimes, when it rains, it pours.
    that's how we roll over here anyway…..

    yay for pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and just doing what needed to be done…..

  3. Recently found your blog and I really enjoy it.
    Sounds like you have truly handled the whole situation gracefully. Praying you and your sweet baby stay well. It is extra no fun having sickness with a little one in the house. I am with you about getting a little bummed when my plans get messed with! Hang in there and I know you will have a great start to your year.

  4. Glad the vomit has ceased. What is it about us moms that can't stand a little regurgitated food?
    Friends can make a heart lighter; cheers on making the most of a difficult patch.

  5. i'm so sorry girl. we've had it rough over here too. today is the first day of public middle school for my oldest. we are still homeschooling the younger ones and i'm all stocked up and ready to go. they'll start next week. i'm even picking up my planner today from staples….a bit bummed b/c it was ex.spen.sive! thanks for the inspiration! i never would have done it if you hadn't first!!

    i really hope you and vera don't get sick. vomiting is the worst ever.

  6. I hear ya about vomit. I'm always the one who gets thrown up on and then has the spend the remainder of the virus cleaning up & taking care. Your post makes me want to go take a hot shower or at the very least wash my hands! Hope everyone is finally well and praying you & Vera stay bug free.

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