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12 Homeschool Days in the Life that Will Inspire

We can learn so much and be inspired so much by sharing our homeschool days in the life. One of my most favorite things we do here at Learning Well Community is sharing days in the life every single week. Every Wednesday, on the Learning Well Instagram feed, you can find a new homeschool family being featured and following along their day in the life.

We’ve had a great fall with so many wonderful featured homeschool mamas and we’re ready to take a bit of a holiday break. But before we do, here’s a round up of all the moms we featured this fall.


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Homeschool Days in the Life That Will Inspire

The whole goal with homeschool days in the life is to inspire and encourage you. You don’t have to try to copy and paste someone else’s day, but instead, find something that stands out to you and let it inspire your day!

Meet Kait: Homeschool mom to two living in Michigan. She’s was homeschooled her, now using her mom’s mixture of structure and naturally learning through life to educate her girls. They homeschool with a lot of audiobooks and time to explore learning freely.
Meet Rachel: Homeschool mom of three girls who recently moved their family across the country to build a life that’s more self sustainable on their farm.  Their days look quite different now that they’re not in the city, their days are often interrupted with taking care of animals and chore, but they’re still heavily influence by Charlotte Mason and Classical Philosophies.
Meet Cindy: With two students graduated Cindy’s days have changed a lot over the years. Now she’s teaching just one student with unit studies, lots of field trips, and all sorts of interest-based experiences.  Her eighteen years of homeschool wisdom is inspiring!

Meet Tania: For the past 2 ½ years Tania, her husband, and their three daughters have been traveling around Europe, staying in different countries for 2-3 months, then moving on to another. They work, play, learn and live immersed in other cultures, and the places they visit have naturally become a focus of their homeschooling. Don’t forget to follow along their stories!
Meet Jessica + Mark: Mark + Jessica are stay at home parents who live in a RV and slowly travel as a family.  They have an eclectic style of schooling, that includes free schooling.  Stop by to see how this family balances working from home, traveling, diverse learning styles, and #WeFreeSchool.
Meet Jenny: Jenny and her family travel full time!  They value slow mornings, time exploring outdoors, and slowing down the pace of life to connect with each of their children.  Don’t forget to check out her tips on how to live tiny and still be organized!
Meet Samantha: Samantha and her family live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy hiking and exploring the forest.  Read alouds are a huge part of their schooling days because a story can draw their family closer together, ignite the imagination, teach character and life lessons.  Make sure to check out her reading recommendations, coding, games, and so much more!
Meet Amanda:  Amanda is a second generation homeschooler who loves the freedom and flexibility that homeschool now allows her family. Not only do Charlotte Mason and the Waldorf philosophies, but also their Scandinavian heritage.  Don’t miss her encouragement to pursue self care and how that looks in her life!
Meet Ashley: As a mom to four boys, Ashley is inspired by Charlotte Mason’s gentle approach, but is somewhat eclectic in her curriculum choices and tends to follow the ebb and flow of the tide, so to speak. In a house full of boys she’s learned to lighten up and allow the rough and tumble that inevitably happens on a daily basis.
Meet Laura: As a homeschool mom of five kiddos in the middle of rural Kansas, Laura shares how she balances meeting all the unique needs of her children.  Check out her day and get tips for balancing fun and getting in learning time for her kids of every age.
Meet Marissa: Marissa and her family live in a rural farm community in Nova Scotia, Canada on their small farm homestead.  They value time outside, reading by the fire, and learning through life naturally.  Be sure to read her encouragement on treasuring these days!
Meet Kate:  Kate is a mom to four little ones.  She’s been researching homeschool philosophies since her oldest was a toddler, but is starting to find their own rhythms with inspirations from Charlotte Mason’s literature based learning and a home atmosphere inspired by the Waldorf philosophy She wants her home to be calming, filled with beauty, and inspire her children to dig into their passions. She also balance the unique needs of having a child who is struggling with dyslexia, stop by to see sneaks in some extra one on one time with her kids!
Meet Della:  As a homeschool mom of a seven and fourteen year old, Della has spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how to navigate the challenges that her children’s age gaps present.  Her day is so encouraging to see how to balance one on one learning time with each kid and how to implement some independent learning, while still making sure everything gets accomplished.


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