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A Day in the Life of Homeschool Mama Marissa

A Day in the Life of Marissa, Homeschool Mama of Three

I’m Marissa from @barefootwonder.ca. I live in a rural farm community in Nova Scotia, Canada; just outside one of the most charming and historic towns in Canada, Annapolis Royal. My husband, Dan, our three daughters and I live a small farm homestead that we’re developing along with his photography & design business and my guest house. We’ve been homeschooling since the girls (10,8,6) were tiny.

As a second-generation homeschooler, I love sharing with my girls the richness and freedom and flexibility that home education allowed me.

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I was homeschooled more traditionally with textbooks and workbooks (but with tons of time to play outside and read) where as, I’ve chosen to educate in a more hands on, out in nature, literature rich style. I don’t think too much about “our style” but I’d say I’ve drawn most heavily on Charlotte Mason’s philosophies as I’ve developed our own eclectic style.

I’m looking forward to sharing our day with you tomorrow!

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Good morning everyone – I’m excited to spend the day with you!

Mornings start early here at Wyndelin Farm but in the winter we like to start a little slower and enjoy the morning by the fire before getting breakfast, filling the wood elevator and feeding the animals. I can hear the wood being stacked right now as I prepare a Dutch pancake for the oven. Once it’s a bit lighter, we’ll head out to the animals and I’ll share a bit of that in stories!

Outdoor Time is Essential

I want the girls (and myself) outside as much as possible, to me it’s an essential to education and life. They each have animal chores that they are responsible for in the morning and then they’re free to play. A fresh snow fall means that they’ll be out for a long time today which I’m ok with.

Time for Books + Tea + Fireside School

I have a monthly outline laid out and the daily rhythm that gives us a guide to follow but within that, I take our days as they come. With our farm and self employment, rarely are the days exactly predictable but that’s something that I love about home educating.

Molasses Candy Making

Today we switched things up a bit because the girls really wanted to make molasses candy poured on fresh snow. I pulled out a Christmas book early and we read Laura Ingalls account of making molasses candy and then cooking class commenced. Figuring out measurements was math, writing the recipe was copywork, cooking the candy to hard ball state was science, drizzling and eating it was just plain fun. Have you made molasses candy in snow before?

Independant Work Time

After we finished our reading together and making molasses candy, the older two looked at their checklists and chose what they wanted to work on for the day that hadn’t already been covered. Cecily chose music, read aloud(a pet is a wonderful reading partner for gaining confidence), and memorization. Aneliese chose math, cursive, music and art. Their checklists are new and they’re still working on remembering to use them but it’s been a great way for them to keep on the path that we’ve set collectively without me needing to nag them.

Poetry + Prose Tea Time

Our poetry & prose tea time is treasured by each of us. No agenda, just beautiful books, tea and a snack. Sometimes we add our artist study to this time because art plus tea is also pretty wonderful.

Long, Exhausting Day that are Treasured

Sometimes these days are long and exhausting but honestly I treasure these days with my girls. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. One of the most important things to me as I school my daughters at home is that we number our days with joy in learning and togetherness. This life, these days, these daughters are a gift and I’ve been honoured to share a bit of us here with you. If you have any questions or would like to see me, please join me @barefootwonder.ca or @marissa.froese.
Thanks so much!


Thank you so much to Marissa for sharing their family’s day with us!


If you want to see more Day in the Life photos and videos, be sure to check out our Instagram profile.  There are highlights of each takeover at the top.

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