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15 Quality Gifts for Him That Will Make His Day

Gifts for husbands can be tricky and I usually find myself putting off my husbands gifts till last! If you’re in the same boat, I can help! Well, I should say we can help, as I did enlist Jarrod to help me out with this one. He wrote an entire post for me last year that was a big hit. I thought I’d let him off the hook this year and just ask some of his top suggestions. If you’re looking for quality gifts for HIM, this post is for you.

Quality Gifts for Him

He tried to think of gifts for all sorts of guy hobbies and interests–fixing things, music—food! This list is in no particular order, but all are either things that Jarrod already has and loves or are on his wish list. 

  1. Crosley Turntable with Blue Tooth capabilities // This one is so cool because it looks like a modern piece of furniture. We have a record player and it’s so fun to pull it out, but I love how this would be a fixture in your living room–it looks so cool!
  2. Ryobi Pressure Washer // We bought this pressure washer a couple years ago and it is so handy! We use it for washing cars, pressure washing the house, backyard projects and more. Definitely a fun tool to have. 
  3. Hershel Travel Kit // Jarrod is a big “bag guy.” He loves them! This brand is super durable and comes in really cool prints and styles. 
  4. Minnetonka Men’s Cowhide Driving Mocs // I got a pair similar to these last year for Jarrod and he wears them every night. Super sturdy and quality.

More Gifts for Him

5. Craftsman Tool Chest // This has been on Jarrod’s list for a while. He has a few different tool boxes in the garage, but these tool chests are awesome gift ideas because they’re on wheels and can store tons of tools. Great gift if your guy has tools all over the place and needs a little organization. 

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6. Air Fryer // So, personally I cannot stand deep frying things at home. It’s super messy and makes your house smell like a Culvers for a week. Jarrod found a deep fryer he loves, but it’s banned to the garage ๐Ÿ˜‰ BUT I think we may have found a happy solution–air fryer! These are all the rage right now and I think would be such a fun gift for a guy that likes to fry stuff!

7. Electric Smoker // Speaking of cooking, Jarrod has wanted an electric smoker forever. He says the electric ones are easy to control the temp and are just all around easier to use, so this one is his pick.

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8. American Heritage boots // Jarrod has a pair of these are he swears by them! They are so durable and will last your guy for years. He wears these to work outside or just running around town on a Saturday. They’re super warm too!

9. Dewalt Cordless Tool Set // This tool set is SO essential! Jarrod has had a set similar to this for years and we use it constantly. If your hubby needs some new tools, this is it! 

More Gifts for Him

10. Nylon Belt w/ Aluminum Buckle // Jarrod loves this belt because the buckles are interchangeable and it’s super heavy-duty. He wears this all the time. 

11. eBags Set // If your hubby travels a lot, this is a perfect gift. Jarrod has a ton of these and I can say firsthand, as I’ve borrowed them too, that they are so cool! You can pack SO much in these bags and they keep everything so neat and tidy in your baggage. If you’re looking to pack a lot of clothes into a smaller bag–think, avoiding the airport baggage fees–these are perfect!

12. Gas Outdoor Firepit // If you’re wanting a fire pit, but don’t have a good spot to create one, this is a great option. My parents have one just like this one and it’s perfect! Just a switch and you’ve got a fire–so easy!

13. JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker // These speakers are so good because they can go anywhere–in the garage while working on projects, camping, grilling on the deck. And the quality of this one is so good! 

14. Steel Sawhorses // We’ve had the same plastic set for a while and they’re getting really beat up. I like the idea of steel sawhorses just for the durability. Ours are all warped and messed up at this point. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We use these for all kinds of projects and I use them when I’m painting certain things. 

15. Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger // Over the summer, we did a lot of work in our backyard and put in a fire pit. We saw this tripod in the store and it looked like so much fun for backyard cooking!

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