15 Must Haves To Get Prepared (and Excited!) For Winter

Winter can be a long and hard season for many. Recently on the podcast, I shared some essential ways to beat the winter blues–they might not be what you think! To go along with winter survival, I’m sharing 15 essential winter must haves to get you prepared for–and excited–about winter! Yes, it’s possible!

You’ll find ways to stay warm, take care of your skin and body, fill your house with all the hygge smells and feels, and actually enjoy this long season.

Winter can be a long, hard season for many. Here's some winter must haves that will get you prepared and excited for winter!

15 Winter Must Haves

  1. Cozy and cute gloves // These are essential! I love this pair in particular because you can still answer your phone with them on.
  2. Warm Hat // I got this one for Christmas and I LOVE it! Tons of colors too.
  3. Adorable warm boots // I own these and LOVE them–warm and cute!
  4. Snugly cardigan–just $22! // Can’t get through winter without cozy cardigans. This one is a steal–and lots of color options!
  5. Intense hand cream // Hands and lips take a beating in winter. These are essential!
  6. Lip care (very important!) // Keep one in your purse and one by your bed.
  7. Vitamin D (essential!) // I take this supplement everyday and it makes a HUGE difference in my mood.
  8. Homebody by Joanna Gaines // Winter is a great time for working on inside home projects. This book is so inspiring.
  9. Favorite Cookbook // Make lots of soups and comfort food.
  10. Chunky throw // Looks pretty over the arm of the sofa and keeps you warm at night.
  11. Yummy candle // Must have a candle burning constantly. I love the simplicity of this one.
  12. Warm-glowing, battery-operated twinkle lights // Set them on a timer or use the remote and turn on on cloudy days.
  13. Family Fun: Puzzle! // Great way to pass the winter nights.
  14. Healing Aloe Vera Plant // Green life makes winter SO much better. The aloe plant is a perfect choice.
  15. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // This is a statement plant, but you might also be interested in the fiddle leaf fig I can’t get enough of!

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