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I hope your week has been so good, friend. I’ve been thinking about you, reader, and wondered how you’ve been this week as we’ve navigated through another really crazy week of unrest. Does anyone else want to hop off the pages of this dystopian novel? I sure do.

This weekend, we are out of town–at the Minnesota homeschool conference, in South Dakota!–so this weekly rundown will not be a typical one. If you’re new here, you can see what Saturday’s post usually looks like here and here.

Today though, since I’m short on time and words, I wanted to share a few links for your heart, your family, and your homeschool.

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Do you Believe What Your Bible Says?

  • Do you believe what your bible says? It’s time to decide. This was the message of my pastor’s sermon last Sunday. It was so incredibly convicting and powerful that I’ve listened to it several times. Friends, if we are believers, it’s (past) time to start rooting our feet firmly in the Word of God. Christians, especially American Christians, have wavered too long on hot topics of the culture, afraid of what the world might say. The truth is though, we have God’s breathed word at our fingertips everyday that speak to so many of the issues we deal with today–and what it might not speak to, we pray for wisdom to cover the rest. Please listen to this sermon.

Live Not By Lies

For Your Homeschool:

  • One of the BEST things we have done over the last year in our homeschool is join the SQUILT membership. It’s a music appreciation membership, but it’s so much more! My FAVORITE part of the membership is the Listening Calendar. We listen to ours each school day and it is such an amazing way to add calm, interest, and beauty to our homeschool day.
  • Did you know Chalk Pastels also has a calendar? It works much like the listening calendar–but with drawing projects! Each day, you are given a link to a quick drawing lesson with your chalk pastels. Talk about adding beauty to your homeschool day! We love this! Full review coming soon.

In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed it, I’ve got several new posts for ya!

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  1. Miss seeing you around IG, friend. Thankful you’re writing more here. ?

  2. Yes, so much, we must root ourselves as believers! Looking forward to listening to it. Thanks for these weekly rundowns!

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