12 Fun + Easy Spring Projects You Can Do in Your Home + Homeschool

Are you looking for some spring projects? Maybe you’re looking for some ways to finish your homeschool year strong. Or maybe you’re feeling a little tired from the long school year and you need some fresh and easy ideas. Well, look no further because I’ve got 12…maybe a few more…spring projects you can do in your home and homeschool that won’t take a ton of time, but will make a big impact!

Spring time is always the hardest for me in our homeschool. I want to get our subjects tied up, but I also want to get other spring projects in too. These spring project ideas will help you get motivated to finish your homeschool year strong, plus check a few fun things off your list too.

12 Spring Projects You Can Do in your Home + Homeschool

Spring Projects for your Home and Homeschool

1. Start Collecting Items for a Last Day of School Summer Basket

For many years now, I’ve been giving my kids a Last Day of School Summer Basket. They love it and it’s become one of our favorite traditions.

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Here’s what you need to do: gather up all the things you will need for summer–sunscreen, fishing lures, new swimsuits, etc–and package it all in a fun-looking basket. That’s it!

You can get tons of ideas HERE, and HERE, also HERE!

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2. Look for the Little Things in the Month of April

As we’re nearing the end of the school year, we’re probably growing weary, right? I know I am! One of the best ways to remedy that tired, unmotivated, weary feeling we have is to look for the little things we can do to improve our home and homeschool.

Things like cleaning out one closet in our house. Or grabbing some tulips to put beside your kitchen sink. Maybe doing a quick seed-growing project with the kids to make things a little more fun.

You can find a ton of ideas like these for the month of April HERE!

Looking for some ideas to do with your kids this month? Here's my Fun Things List: April! Here's a big list of fun and functional ideas for April!

3. Dye Eggs with Natural Dye–we loved this!

Even if Easter has already past, it’s the season for all things EGG! Making your own natural egg dye is so much fun! Count it as a science lesson!

Find the instructions HERE!

4. Freshen Up Your Kitchen Sink with Foaming Hand Soap

It’s so easy to make your own foaming hand soap and you can make it in any scent you like. A quick and easy project to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom sink.

5. Clean Out Your Closet and Update your Wardrobe

This is on my list this week! Pull out anything that is pilled or doesn’t fit right to create space for what you actually wear and love. Look over your wardrobe and decide if you need to fill in any gaps. Head HERE for some wardrobe ideas.

6. Pull Out Your Sewing Machine for a Quick Spring Project

Creating a simple pair of shorts–or a bunch!–for your kiddos to play in is straight out of The Sound of Music, which makes me love the idea.

7. Spring Cleaning Made Simple!

A while back, I recorded this podcast all about simple ways you can make your house shine this spring.

8. Enjoy the Little Things in the Month of May

When May arrives, summer is so close you can almost taste it! Homeschool performance is telling of the coming season too, but I love to enjoy the warmer days even if we still have to finish school for the year. Check out the little things to do in May HERE.

9. Spring Projects: Make May Day Baskets

10. Simplify Your Homeschool: Here’s 15 Ideas How to do it

I know many of you are really really done with homeschool right now! Ha!! I get it!! The answer is to simplify. Get the big stuff done and fill in the gaps with some simple things. Get all the tips HERE!

11. Create a Plan for Spring Homeschooling

Sometimes the answer to burnout is just making a really good plan. Make yourself a Spring Homeschool Plan.

12. Commit to Finishing the Homeschool Year Strong

We can do this!! It feels so good when we buckle down, work hard, and get our homeschool year finished WELL, doesn’t it!? Make a plan and finish the homeschool year strong!

spring projects for your home and homeschool

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