10 Essential Items for the Best Sleep of Your Life

Getting the best sleep isn’t always easy. We’ve been talking lately on the podcast about self care and how it doesn’t always mean new candles or a box of chocolates. Sometimes it takes doing hard things, and for me, choosing to get to sleep at a decent time is HARD! I love to stay up late after the house has gone to bed.

But as I’m getting older, I’m seeing more and more how lack of sleep affects me. I’m certainly no expert at this, but I have found that there are some essential items that really do help me get better sleep.

Here’s my essential items for the best sleep ever!

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These are the items that make me excited to cozy up early and get a good night’s sleep. These items also help me with a good nighttime routine, too.

  1. Tomons Essential Oil Diffuser // Made of glass and wood, I love the way this diffuser looks. So perfect for a bedroom nightstand. Diffuse your favorite nighttime oils and set it to turn off after an hour or so.
  2. Adjustable Pillow // Why are good pillows SO hard to find?? This one has amazing reviews and it makes all the difference to a good night’s sleep.
  3. Soft Bamboo Pajamas // I find that getting into cozy pj’s is just more enticing than old t-shirts. They make me more excited to get ready for bed. I love this set of bamboo cotton jammies–and the price is great too! Lots of color choices.
  4. DoTerra Cedarwood Oil // This is my very favorite bedtime oil!
  5. Cozy Bedsheets // So important to a good sleep! These have great reviews!
  6. Beautiful Skin Night Cream // I’ve been using this nighttime skin cream for a few years now. It’s my very favorite.
  7. Notebook // For me, night is when my thoughts start flowing. There’s so many nights I get into bed and remember something I’m supposed to do the next day. Having a notebook by my bed has helped with that feeling of having to “empty” my brain SO much!
  8. Reflection Journal // I love ending my day with a gratitude list. This is the perfect journal for that.
  9. Sleepytime Tea // Having a cup of tea and a book before bed–perfection!
  10. Nighttime Multimineral Supplement // I’ve been taking this nighttime supplement for about a year. I’m not sure what Mary Ruth is putting in it, but it has become an essential for me! It’s amazing.

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