Q+A: Homeschooling with toddlers, fitting in workouts, my fall reading list and more!

Every week on the podcast, I’m releasing a bonus Q+A episode every Thursday full of your questions. I’ve seen other podcasters do this and I love listening in to the random questions that come in.

This week, we’re talking about homeschooling with toddlers, when to work out, my fall reading list, and lots more!

Below you’ll find the audio, the list of questions and their timestamps, and any links or extra info you might want to know about my answers to your questions.

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Thanks for tuning in!

This week, we're talking favorite podcasts, household routines, teens and more!

Here’s the breakdown of this week’s Q+A. You’ll find the timestamp for each question as well as some points and links to look into.

1. How did you get school done when you had busy toddlers? I have an 8, 5, 3, and 2 year old.

2. How do you fit in self-care? For example, working out…

3. What’s on your fall reading list?

  1. 1894 (NOT anymore! See last episode’s currently list)
  2. Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katherine Kennison
  3. The Huntress
  4. The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

4. Did any of your children struggle in a school skill that you saw resolve over time?

5. Work/homeschool/personal enrichment balance: any tips, or just a day in the life?

6. When did you decide to homeschool? Did you always know you would?

Listen in here:

we’re talking mom guilt, structure and routine, when it's too early to start homeschooling, and lots more!

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