How a New Morning Routine Can Save Your Day

A good morning routine can make or break your day. Not every morning will be perfect, but having a good plan in place is always the best policy. This post will cover all things morning routines and how they can literally save your day! I’m not expert and I’m constantly tweaking my routine and working hard to get up early–it’s not easy!

Read on for tips on getting up early, a morning routine that’s saving my day right now, and a bunch of tools that will help your morning routine get a whole lot easier!

Starting your fall out with a new morning routine can save your whole day. Here's my tried and true strategies for created a new morning routine.

Seasons of Motherhood vs. Just Do it!

Whenever I talk about morning routines, getting up early, and the like, there’s always at least one person that will leave a negative comment about how it’s “easy to get up early when you…..” <—- insert excuse here.

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I have two ideas about this. There are seasons of motherhood when we just need to rest and not push ourselves. Seasons like when you have a newborn, are in the middle of a move, or other big life change. Sometimes we just need to let ourselves rest, get through the day keeping the kids alive and not worry about improving our morning routines.

BUT for the rest of the time, we need to just DO IT! It’s not easy to get up early. It’s not easy to workout first thing in the morning. It’s not easy to stay organized and keep up a good routine when you have kids. But sometimes we just need to stop making excuses and do. the. thing!

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Getting Up Earlier Tips

  1. Have a good evening routine
  2. No phone before bed
  3. Set your alarm across the room
  4. 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
  5. Make Over Your Mornings by Crystal Paine

My New Morning Routine

  • Wake up (wash face, brush teeth)
  • Walk
  • Workout
  • Journal/Read/Coffee!!!
  • Shower and Get ready for the day

Helpful Tools for My Morning Routine

Listen in!

Starting your fall out with a new morning routine can save your whole day. Here's my tried and true strategies for created a new morning routine.

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