16 Things You Want for Your Homeschool

There’s things you want and things you need for your homeschool. This entire week I’ve been cleaning and organizing like a crazy person. Nothing is safe. I. Will. Throw it away! I’m the last person that would suggest going out and buying a bunch of worthless stuff. I hate clutter! That said, there are some things we own that aren’t technically “must-have’s” for our homeschool, but man–they make our days a whole lot better!

Some of you pitched in your ideas on Instagram too. Here’s 16 things YOU want for your homeschool–things that make your school easier, your routine easier, or just makes you happy and I love that!

I'd never say to spend your money frivolously, but there's just things you want for your homeschool! Here's a fun list of things you might want!

*Alicia’s top picks

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Things you want for your homeschool

1 freezer cookbook: Freezer cooking is not necessarily essential for your homeschool, BUT I can attest that it makes life so much easier! I have an entire post and podcast episode devoted to freezer cooking and a huge folder of recipes you can download for free!

2 all-in-one printer: I use our printer almost every day of the week! I don’t necessarily use the scanning function each day, but it’s so nice to have it–especially when saving kids’ art work! And the copy function is just theeee very best!

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3. *echo dot: I’m not really a techie person, but the Echo Dot has been SUCH an awesome addition to our homeschool days. Want to see how we use it? Click here for a huge list!

4. dust buster: Having your kids help with the cleaning up after school each day is essential for my sanity. I love cleaning tools that encourage kids to help and make it more fun!

5. crock pot: Lots of homeschool moms love Instant Pots too. Either way, these are amazing for getting dinner done before you even begin your homeschool day. Huge time saver!

6. plants: These just brighten a space and make it feel more cozy. I love my plants!

7. *diffuser: Essential oils can add so much to your homeschool day. We have diffusers going in our bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. I love to diffuse peppermint and citrus oils during school for added focus.

8. paper cutter: This tool makes prepping for our unit studies so much faster.

9. comb binder: If you’re looking for a fun way to preserve your kids’ writing, save space from those clunky 3-ring binders, or create a planner that will keep it all organized, you’ll love this tool! See how I use mine here.

A few more things you want for your homeschool

10. mini coffee maker: I snagged one of these on Amazon Prime day and it’s now living in our office/guest room. It’s small and perfect for mama on a day she needs another cuppa but doesn’t want to make a whole pot.

11. visual timer: So much better than a phone timer IMHO because you can actually see how much time you have left. Very handy!

12. laminator: Really great for creating wipe-off pages for your kids (or yourself!) and preserving things you want to last a while.

13. trampoline: Not a homeschooling tool?? Not so! Our trampoline has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. It provides recess, gym class, distraction from my quizzing them on math facts and more!

14. a capsule wardrobe: Anything that can save us time in the morning is a good thing. My capsule wardrobe has been a lifesaver! If you’re looking to get started, I have samples for a fall capsule and a summer/spring wardrobe too.

15. *air brush: Another Prime Day score! I didn’t know what I would think of this tool, but OHMYWORD I love it so much! Smooths and dries and adds so much volume. But the best thing about it? It takes 1/2 the time to dry my hair as a regular hair dryer.

16. electric pencil sharpener: So much easier for little hands than the manual ones. Love ours!

Anything else you can think of? What things would you add?

I'd never say to spend your money frivolously, but there's just things you want for your homeschool! Here's a fun list of things you might want!
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  1. This list is brilliant! I added a mini coffee maker to my Amazon cart and I am definitely going to get another diffuser. I am also getting the hair dryer – that’s just genius. Our local bookstore sells a notebook that is just sheet protectors and your post reminded me that this would be a PERFECT way to store my daughter’s 8 zillion pieces of artwork. Thank you so much for the great list!!

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