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Vera woke up at 4 this morning. I hope this is not a new thing. I forget this about babies…every day is different. Stages don’t last long.  But this better not be a stage.

While I sat there with her, it hit me that the Tooth Fairy had not done her duty that night.  Sophie has now lost two teeth in the last week, her first two.  Then my mind goes from one thing to the next, as my mind often does and I realize how much irony has existed in our days here in NC.  Dates matching up perfectly, weirdo things that just so happen that make me stop and wonder if there’s a series of dots I’m supposed to be connecting.  Irony like:

Sophie losing her first tooth a little over a week ago and losing her second exactly a week later….and Vera getting those exact same two teeth the same day.

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The boys getting the worst stomach flu I’ve ever seen the day after my best friend flew in…when I needed a friend so badly.

Finding a letter recently full of compliments and mushiness about Jarrod written by the woman almost singlehandedly crushed him just a year later.  Oh, and the letter was dated Vera’s birthday, 2012.

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Running into a woman at Target and getting into a conversation with her and realizing she has had almost every trouble that we have had here.

We house shop forever and then finally decide to embrace our rental for the time being and make it ours…then we get mice.

Failing my written NC driver’s test after spending a year and a half dodging some of the worst driving I’ve ever experienced.

A mouse of all things running right across my path when we’re out for dinner….trying to escape our mouse-woes.

What is that about?!

There’s many more I thought of at 4am today, but sleepiness and the day have made me forget.

I don’t know what it is.  I wonder back to the connecting-of-the-dots, but then I start to feel dizzy so I stop doing that.  Some things are so ironic it makes me laugh, but its really not funny. 

And then I undoubtedly think about Alanis Morrissette.


Thankful for today:
1. a baby that literally lays down and goes to sleep by herself. Amazing
2. a responsible oldest boy
3. and a tenderhearted second boy
4. our neighborhood brimming with kids
5. sharing my passion for homeschooling with on-the-fencers
6. pumpkin candles burning
7. adding a little fall to our house
8. Pioneer Woman’s recipes
9. Lauren cleaning mouse poop off bookshelves as I type
10. irony that makes me think

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  1. Yeah for Sophie! That sweet smile is adorable! And that sister picture- swoon!

    I cannot tell you how many times I've bust out that Alanis song with my own lyrics. Ha!

    Hope Vera slept in a little later today!

  2. craziness.
    I'm not gonna mention to Lydia that your sweet girl has lost two teeth in a week or so.
    my girl is almost 7 and hasn't lost a single one…
    she's literally praying to lose teeth. 🙂

    ps. that was a crap ton of irony.

  3. The teeth thing is weird. But strangely wonderful. All the other stuff is just strange. Not sure if I would try to connect the dots either. I think a bigger picture than you can see is being planned out.

  4. Alicia– so much of this is mY LIFE… but just different, ya know? Except the mouse in the restaurant thing would totally happen to me. I f I have any luck… it's dumb luck. I so get this…and absolutely LOVE this series of yours and all your honesty. Sing it, sister.

  5. Adorable photo of Sophia and Vera. Yep, you gotta love irony. I find it happens in chunks in my life and then nothing for a while. Many years back we hadn't had our new car long and drove to Hastings, on the south coast of England (quite a drive from our home). The same Hastings where there was a battle in 1066. I pulled up in a car park by the seafront when we arrived – the mileometer read 1066. Spooky.

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