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What started out as a drive on the Parkway yesterday that turned into a a quick picnic stop that turned into a short walk that turned into the longest hike ever…the “loop” as the sign suggested was much longer than we’d anticipated.  We had a ton of time to collect leaves, spot cool mushroom, and….talk.

Our deep conversations lately have a pattern…being pissed over the brunt that’s happened this year, then it shifts to how if we’d never moved we’d have missed all the great places we’ve been and things we’ve done, then to the why’s couldn’t things have turned out differently, then to the “nothing wasted” portion.

You always have to circle back to the “nothing wasted” part.  If you don’t you’ll drown in the what-ifs and regret and life should not be lived in regret. Ever. 

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This is a constant mind battle I have to fight.  So often I get caught in the web of why’s.

Why did Vera have to be born at such a difficult time?

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Why does everything feel so disconnected?

Why these job struggles? We’ve never had those before…

Why did three attempts to buying a house fail?

Why did our best friends here have to move?

Why didn’t we move so far from where we’re from before we had kids?

Why the mice? Like really, why the mice?

There’s so many more….

“Nothing wasted” helps me.  I look back and wonder what we would have/could have done differently to avoid some of this misfortune, but I have no answers.  Sometimes you’re lead around the fire and sometimes you’re lead through it. 

Its all part of our story and its still being written.  Its all chapters.

Nothing wasted.


Thankful for today:
1. being dark when I wake up
2. a full weekend
3. hearing the rain outside
4. nowhere to go today
5. being outside in the fall
6. no mice sitings for 12 days (!!!)
7. Vera…best baby ever
8. time to play with my blog design
9. great day for napping
10. fall leaves under my feet

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  1. I am feeling very similar today(recently)– thank you for sharing I really appreciate your uplifting positive notes. We are having really difficult work issues right now, but I know that if we trust in God he will bless us. Hope gets me through theday sometimes. x

  2. Keep up the Nothing Wasted chant! Keep praying. God knows what we need and when we need it. Sometimes it doesn't feel that way but we don't know what God's full picture plan for us is. It may be hard to feel this way now but sometime in the future (maybe the far away future) it will all come full circle and you will understand all of the why's. Enjoy this beautiful Fall day! I'm praying for you.

  3. nothing wasted. ever.
    you're so right. we have to circle back around to that truth every time or we go crazy or get very, very, deeply depressed.

    sometimes we're led around the fire and sometimes we're led through it. gosh. praying all who read those words will circle back around to the truth that nothing is wasted. ever.

  4. Oooh, these words! I was kind of thinking the same thing as I made tacos for dinner tonight. Stuff happens right when they are supposed to, it isn't because we aren't something or somewhere that we need to be that things aren't happening….I breathed deep and my soul was quiet.

    Nothing wasted. Nothing out of place even when it feels like total chaos. God is here…:)

  5. One of the things that helps me when my thoughts are like chasing my tail, I think, "I, we, are not here to serve our selves". And to keep my mind on heavenly things. Not things that can separate us from the abundant joy Jesus has called us to. My daughter had her first seizure when she was 10 months old. The journey that we traveled, and still do honestly is intense. But if my family and I didn't go through that, then I wouldn't have learned to trust God more, to fully lean into him. I had no other securities but his word, and prayer. He became tangible, and his fragrance is undeniable. If things went swimmingly for me and my family I would never have experienced him in that way. And I crave it now! I crave his presence, even on the smooth days. So when I think about the God of the everything designed each step of my life, especially these really, really, really (x50) I am humbled. Because these freak out moments are exactly what were planned before I was spoken into motion. I don't know about you, but that just takes the pressure off. And I can rest in the truth that God has got this. He will see us through.


  6. Oh AMEN!! NOTHING wasted. NOTHING. Can't tell you how many desperate prayers IN THE MOMENT have been uttered from my lips that sounded like this, "Dear LORD please don't let this trial be wasted." I'm not kidding. Those exact words. Over Life. Over Joe. Over relationships. Over job stuff. Over my man.

    Love you

  7. I love spontaneous adventures like you had yesterday. They're my favorite.

    Your journey, every last bit of it, has been written already by the ultimate Author. I know you have prayed and asked the Lord for guidance before every step you've made. So there is a reason for all of this. And when you're on the summit of it all, you're going to be in awe. I just know it.

    I miss you like crazy. Wanna come over for coffee this afternoon? Pretty please?

  8. I have asked myself that question over the past year too. It's been one of the roughest of my life. I like those words today- nothing wasted.

  9. she might just be the glue…ya know. the thing that grounds you. the thing that keeps you focused on sweetness when other things are bitter. God always knows just what we need.

  10. I love your thankful bits; in the midst of storms and fires, you find gratitude for small moments. Hoorah! God is faithful.
    Blessings to you & your beautiful family. I am loving your journal journey and appreciate the beautiful brokenness; I can see God's fingerprints all over this tale!

  11. This is all so true. I have the same conversations in my head, why? It is cool to be 5 years down the road from some of our big life hurdles and see God's fingerprints in the plan all along. Though like you the mouse part makes no sense to me. I think they were just there to make an already high stress situation taken to another level. Have you heard the song called Nothing is Wasted by Jason Grey…if not listen to it. Praise God for no mice…it sounds like you got the little boogers!

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