How to Plan Your Best Homeschool Year Yet

It’s time to plan your homeschool year–are you getting excited yet? Lately, I’ve been so motivated and inspired to pull out some of my favorite planning tools–books, courses, videos and try to plan our best homeschool year yet!

In this post, I’m going to share all the tools I’ll be using over the next few days to create a great plan for next school year.

Are you ready to plan your homeschool year too? Grab your notebook and pen and let’s get started!

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Need some inspiration to plan your homeschool year? Here are my favorite books, videos, planners and more to make it your best homeschool year yet!

My Simple Approach to Plan Your Homeschool Year in Just 3 Steps

When I first started homeschooling my kids, planning our homeschool year would take days…sometimes weeks! It was a whole process and after a couple of years, it just got to be too exhausting.

I knew I had to simplify.

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So I started to really streamline the way I planned our school year and realized it came down to three easy steps:

  • Setting the framework: creating a start and finish for our year, evaluating last school year, and setting goals
  • Creating a simple plan for the year (in pencil!!): unit studies, read alouds, choosing curriculum
  • and organizing what I had and then ordering the new things I needed for the year

That’s it!

And this is how I plan almost 10 years later! It takes a fraction of what it used to take me and it’s so much more flexible and thorough.

You can plan your year in just three steps too. I walk you through exactly what I do, including all the printables I use, checklist, and more in my Homeschool Planning Course.

You can sign up HERE and keep using this method over and over each year.

Starting to Plan Your Homeschool Year with a Great Planner

Of course, having a really good planner helps me to plan well too. Many years ago, I created my own homeschool planner because I never could find one that would fit my needs for the entire year.

I plan differently at different times of the year.

Sometimes it feels right to plan very detailed lesson plans so that I know exactly what each day will look like. And other times it is better for us to have a looser plan with nothing more than a general idea of what is coming next.

So the lesson planner that I designed leaves room for all of those different styles. There are tons of planning pages that allow me to create the type of plan we need for that specific week or month.

Also, it’s undated, which makes it super easy for me to use over and over each year.

You can see how I set up my planner here:

And pick up a planner for yourself here! I’ve created three of the same planner in three different fun styles: watercolor blue, floral pink, and classic black–I’m going with the classic black this year!

Planning Videos by Topic

I love to use the last half of summer to pour into learning more about homeschooling, brushing up on different educational philosophies, and get inspired and excited about the year ahead.

Here are a few planning videos I’ve been watching and learning from:

The Kindred Collective Homeschool Conference has provided TONS of planning inspiration this summer and last. This summer, the Kindred Co. team spoke on:

  • Planning for High School
  • Creating a Book Club + Book Club Parties with Your Kids
  • and Planning Your Homeschool Year Loosely

Watch these videos HERE.

Last summer, the Kindred Co. team spoke on:

  • Planning for Play
  • Setting the Framework for a Fab Homeschool Year (this is step ONE in my planning process!)
  • Creative Planning for Teens and Tweens
  • and Homeschool Essentialism

Watch these videos HERE.

In addition to the Kindred Co. Conference videos, my friend Cindy has been creating the best masterclass videos on planning too! Here are the classes I’ve been soaking up these last weeks:

OR, check out all of Cindy’s masterclasses HERE.

My Favorite Books on Planning Your Homeschool Year

I love watching videos to get ready and inspired for our homeschool year, but there is nothing like soaking up a great book by the pool or the lake.

I’ve read A LOT of homeschool books over the years and seem to come back to my tried-and-true favorites time and time again.

Here’s my list of favorites:

These are some of my favorites and some I’m trying to read again this summer, but you can get my full list of favorite homeschool helps HERE.

More Homeschool Planning:

Need some inspiration to plan your homeschool year? Here are my favorite books, videos, planners and more to make it your best homeschool year yet!

Download a free Framework Calendar Page and Sign Up for Updates Here:

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