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Need a way to organize all important homeschool papers? Here's how to create a master homeschool binder.

Part of doing a six-week master plan escalated into organizing all the random files and folders and loose papers I had all over for our homeschool stuff. Not like the actual “schoolwork” part, but the admin stuff; attendance sheets, records, etc. So I piled up all the random papers, took some great information that I learned at the homeschool conference I recently went to, and compiled this beautifully organized book that I like to call The Homeschool Master Binder–with printed tabs and everything, no less.

How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.

Note: this is not my regular lesson planner.  I use a lesson planner that I designed and now sell.  The Master Homeschool Binder is for administration papers and for things to keep coming back to year after year, but not a daily used item.  It’s to keep important things neat and tidy for when I need them.

Check out my homeschool lesson planner HERE.

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How to create a master homeschool binder

How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.
How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.

ย Book Lists

Books I’d like to read, would like my kids to read, books that would go along with a science unit I’m planning, lists of the best children’s stories in the world–all those go here.

How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.

Homeschool Helps

Articles I’ve printed to read and save for later reference.
How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.
How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.
How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.
How to create a homeschool binder to keep your homeschool records straight.
Now if I ever get audited I’ll pull out my binder and be able to show records for our progress.  Also, it’s a great reference for me to plan future school years.
I love to see how other people organize, so I thought you’d maybe like a peek into my organizational method. Keep in mind that my life is not all this organized. This is .00002 of my life and the rest is almost all UNorganized, so do not feel intimidated…it’s just one area where I feel good right now.


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  1. This is absolutely awesome, I am also an NC homeschooling mom (first year) this has been one of the best finds so far! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that after over 6 months of research last year, I decided that I liked your organization for our first year the best and I followed it to the letter. From the first day of school, all the way to very last, I was absolutely organized (as I am so NOT in my real life), absolutely confident and absolutely so thankful for you! You saved me during this oh-so-scary time! I loved my master binder! Loved it! I am sitting here preparing for this year and I came back here to set it up again and am thrilled to see you did great updates. If you are ever sitting on the computer one day wondering why you do what you do, please remember me and think about how your master binder post made my and my son's first homeschool year worry free, and because of that, sooooooo fun!

  3. I found this post on Pinterest and it was not a moment too soon. My son is actually old enough now that I have to inform our local school district that he will be homeschooled and I thought it would be wise to keep an organized binder filled with our agenda, field trips, what we do each day, goals etc not only to show the district if required but also to keep my own head on straight. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm kind of in love with your attendance record keeping sheet! Is it a state designed resource (as in, something you print off because you are required to use it) or did you design it yourself? I know it looks simple and all, but there's this thing about the wheel … =) Anyhow, I thought if it was a widely available document, I'd skip on over and print one for myself! Thanks for the great tips! I've read, and re-read this post in preparation for our first official year of homeschool this year! I'm only a LOT nervous! Thanks again!

  5. Love this! Looks like something that would actually fit my style of planning. I also don't usually like music playing on blogs that I visit, but I enjoyed your selections. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Okay I've missed, missed, MISSED you. I'm still so way behind on my blogs and emails from taking most of a week off. Seriously next time I decide to do that please smack me.. the catching up is a bear!! And now I see I've missed all kinds of lovely over here. Darnit.

    You make me miss homeschooling… Just a little… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank you and bless your heart once again for letting us look over your shoulder at all your awesomeness. I pinned this and WILL make one this summer! for reals.;)

  8. i'm setting one of these up for next school year. question: this was my first homeschool year, and i had written everythign in the well planned day planner {in pen, i can't handle writing in pencil!}, but then changed SO much throughout the year, i just tossed the planner! what do you do with changes, etc???

  9. Wish I could just spend some time thumbing through this, but thanks for the peek. You are an inspiration, lady : ) Hope you're having some fun!
    love, cailan

  10. You are the most rockin homeschool mom ever!! I too use a target calendar and find it to be fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing all you organizing goodies:)

  11. I would like to request a special order of this binder for next school year please. Just let me know when I can pick it up.
    Hope you are having a marvelous time!! Can't wait to hear ALL about it!

  12. Fabulous job! Thanks for sharing all of that with us. TX law doesn't require any proof of homeschooling (scarey in some ways!) but makes my life much easier with the paper work side of it. I am new to all of this though so in your opinion, do you think it is still important to keep up with that sort of thing "just in case"? Thanks again for sharing!

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