Countdown to Our Spring Chick

I’ve stopped panicking and scratching my neck long enough to realize it’s all gonna be ok.  I have a few Onesies now and have created a super fun countdown for the kids to do to get ready for their new sibling. The panic fog has cleared somewhat and I do know it’s all going to be ok.  Yes, I can do this thang.

A sweet friend I knew in South Dakota gave me this fabulous idea for a countdown to baby for the older three. I couldn’t wait to do it. And the kids are so excited too, of course. Each of them gets their own bottle filled with the same number of Jelly Bellies that I have left to go till my due date…76 days from now to be exact. I used pink, yellow, and blue since we don’t know the gender.
I found the perfect scalloped tags at Micheal’s in baby colors and used my hand carved stamps I made at Christmas time to label them. I also used some baker’s twine in baby colors to tie the tags on.

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Everyday after lunch they can have their one-jelly-bean dessert and see the bottle get more and more empty!! Such a fun idea! Love having creative friends 🙂
PS: the extra jelly beans are hidden ;)


  1. Oh how sweet. I am actually thinking about going out and buying some jellybeans now based purely on this post. And then eating every single one in the car on the ride home:)

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