That Moment You Know

Yesterday I took perhaps my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. It was nothing special. I took it with my phone.  I held it up without even looking and snapped a few of Sister talking to her little buddy…a daily occurance. I looked back at them later. This was the first one I snapped:

It’s weird, because something sort of snapped in me too.

I woke up yesterday with a pit in my stomach and a headache and swollen eyes. It’s been another challenging week. As soon as my feet hit the floor I felt an uneasyness. I began my routine of worry, texting friends, looking for answers, not finding any peace. But when I captured this sweet instant yesterday afternoon of Sister loving on her Spring Chick…I knew. That was the moment I knew…the details of life right now are all trifling and anything relevant in my life is just where it should be.

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I look at this girl, the look on her face, her in her tutu, and her free spirit.  She is such a problem solver. She’s four and she looks at a situation and somehow she just gets it.  I see her face in this photo and something just tells me…yes.  I have everything.  Anything out of place in my life right now is just details…fleeting, ever changing details.  I see love on her face. Contentment. Security. Peace.  Can you see it?

Thank you, Sophie. You amaze me.

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  1. I am so happy that amidst the worry and fear of life that God blesses us with moments that can help us stay grounded and feel the peace he offers us:) happy weekend. Xox

  2. i'm in tears reading this…because that was me just a few months ago before our #3. i cherished a moment just like this one when i saw into my daughter's eyes how the new one (me her mama) would be loved and how the lord was right there with us. sometimes its through the lips of babes…but most often is can be through the eyes!

    hello hello btw (i'm the one whose 3 year old spammed your instagram a week or so)…i've been reading for some time. your posts make me smile (and today tear).

  3. i'm so glad that God gave you confirmation of His peace through childlike faith.
    i just love it when He's so tender with us.
    she is one true beauty, girlfriend, and so are you.

  4. WHAT a wonderful picture and special girl! I was reflecting last night on how all the details that I worried so much about have sorted themselves out. They always do. And I try to tell myself to use these reflections as lessons, to not keep worrying and freaking out as life goes on. I have seen it improve with age, but having a family still cranks up the intensity when you need details to work out. We will look back each time and realize that it all worked out. It was always meant to work out:)

  5. So incredibly precious! She is going to be the BEST big sister! Love the way God uses our children to teach us lessons too. SO happy to hear your heart is a bit more at peace! Love you girl!

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