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I’m slowly getting ready for this little person coming my way.  I’m gathering some Onesies here and there, checking the sales, doing some research. I’ve even gotten a few gifts, which is so fun!!! It feels like forever since I’ve done all this, but in the same regard it feels like I’ve done this a bunch of times.  Oh, wait…I have. 🙂  Sophie is baby-obsessed and she’d rather browse the baby aisles at Target than the toy aisles…now that’s sayin’ something! 
I wanted to show you a couple things I’ve gathered and answer a few questions…
Do you know what you’re having? No. We have never found out with any of our babies and we like the suspense. I’m calling this one Spring Chick, but chicks are boys or girls. I’m thinking the little fuzzy yellow ones.  And speaking of yellow??? Gender neutral baby gear is hard to find! I got these little numbers at Walmart, but really…it’s mostly white for this little bundle till we know what he/she is.

When are you due? April 16….exactly 10 weeks from today!
What names do you have picked out? Nope. Not tellin’ 🙂 (we have some idea, but nothing fer sher…but those are secrets.)
Will you breast feed? No….but yes too.  I’ve decided this baby will be bottle fed from the get-go, but I will breast feed part time.  This is more than anything a sanity measure. I get really stressed when no one else can feed the screaming baby. So to attempt to keep myself partially sane, we’re bottle feeding from the start.  I have a fabulous 10-year-old that is more than capable and willing to give his little sib a bottle if I’m in the middle of making dinner or what have you.  And speaking of bottle feeding….

I found this little doo-dad.  A temperature controlled water kettle!! It’s like a bottle warmer, but illiminating a step! How rad is that?! You just fill it with your purified water and it keeps it at a constant temp on your counter…ready for filling bottles. Easy peasy! So glad I got one of these new inventions…well, new to me.
And speaking of new inventions…I have a question for you!
What baby product could you not live without? I’m out of practice, y’all. Please help!
One more question…
Where will the baby sleep and how are you decorating your nursery?
Well, for the time being, the baby will sleep in our room in a bassinet.  Although, I do have nursery dreams whenever we get our plans of a different living situation in place…which will be soon I think.  I did make one big purchase though…a crib!!! Target was having a great sale online and I jumped on this one. It came with the matching changing table!! For free!!

And speaking of baby sleeping…I have one more question for you:
What book(s) recommendations for babies?? I have been doing some reading on baby matters, but just wondered if there’s anything out there that I MUST read.  Let me know!! Thanks 🙂
I’d love to share my nursery ideas too…later this week.  I did one little craft over the weekend for the “baby’s room” for when that falls into place. I’m excited.  There’s lots of excitement going on.  Lots to look forward to.
Jarrod took the day off yesterday so it feels like Monday.  We are on a roll with school lately and trying to tidy up any loose ends before all he** breaks loose in April and my kids never receive another day of education…ha! Kinda kidding, kinda not.  So today, we’re going to co-op, getting chores done, and doing extra math lessons.
How about you?
Have a great Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I don't remember what the must haves were! A binky? Hee hee!
    But I do remember using the concepts from the book Baby Wise- It's all about getting baby on a schedule. I also remember only using bits and pieces of it because it seemed a bit crazy. Love seeing all your baby things coming together! Bit by bit and before you know it you'll be %100 prepared . . . well with the gear at least. 🙂

  2. It's so awesome that you guys are going to be surprised. I cannot wait. I'm always dying to know:) my baby product I can't live without are he aden + anais muslin swaddling wraps. I LOVE them they are the prefect size!!

  3. for my first baby, he was a swaddler too but for my second baby she was a rocker so she would rock herself in the capsule carseat at about 6 months!! anything that moved worked for her. I bottlefed both my babies and the thing that saved us day in day out was the lazy boy chair!!

  4. I don't mean to sound like everyone else here but the swaddlers were a life saver or rather a sleep saver! With our second baby we invested in a rolling bassinet that way baby could be close by wherever I was…cooking, sewing, showering, etc.

  5. We couldn't have made it without our Summer Infant SwaddleMe swaddles. Made it SO much easier to get our little one situated and happy for sleeping. I just bought some more for our two little ones arriving this month. Also, I loved having the Boppy nursing pillow. Even if you are not nursing full time it may be helpful for your older littles to use when bottle feeding.

    I read all the sleep books out there! The only one I'd actually recommend if The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Her approach is well balanced; somewhere between letting them scream themselves to sleep and never putting them down on their own. I think Dr. Sears is really helpful too when you are looking for advice on a particular topic. This is your fourth one, though, so I'm sure you already know how to take things in stride and roll w' it. 🙂 Congrats and good luck!

  6. Looks like everything is coming together for you! For us the "must haves" were different with every baby. For baby #5 it was a Snugabunny.
    None of my babies liked being laid flat as newborns so when I saw the snugabunny I knew it would be a safe way for baby to sleep slightly elevated. Ella ended up with bad reflux so she slept in this bed for a long time to help with that too.

  7. I agree with Becky! So annoying 😉 ha!
    I couldn't live without a swaddling blanket.
    So excited for your family! I often think about having a fourth child. If only I were a few years younger then I think I would just go for it. I secretly long for a baby boy.
    Have a great day!

  8. this whole not knowing what your having thing is really not working out for me so much;) i NEED to know. i have to shop appropriately!

    i had a great book that helped with my big chick, but for the life of me i can't remember the name. it was about letting putting them down awake so they could self soothe. it really did work like a charm.

  9. For books, I love The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. Must haves…I think the only things are a swaddler for the first few weeks, I like the cotton ones my Summer Infant. And once they get bigger I like cotton Sleep Sacks. We also got a lot of use out of a play mat/floor gym once they get to be a few months old. Yay! I'm excited for you!

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