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Fine Art Tuesday

As the sole teacher at the Hutchinson Academy of Learning, I’ve been tightening some loose ends, planning ahead, and organizing as I prepare to add another student into the mix.  Included in that was some schedule rearranging.  We’ve always taken Fridays off and used that as a catch up day and/or art project day.  But lately I’ve noticed that because the boys have co-op classes on Tuesdays, it’s hard to get any other school in on that day…and if we don’t do any school, that’s only three days of “regular” school. So, as Superintendent, I’ve declared Friday a regular school day and Tuesday a co-op class/catch up day/art project day.
But for the past three weeks, it’s been Fine Art Tuesday…and we have been loving it!
We owe it all to Santa, really, for bringing each child one of these fabulous art kits called Master Kitz.  Each child got one for Christmas and each kit contains everything they need to create their very own masterpiece rendition of a famous artist’s painting.  So so cool.


Each kit comes with everything they need to create the paintings. They have the art paper, the tools, the mediums, paints, pastels, oils, rollers, stamps, stencils, the whole bit.  They also include a full set of instructions AND a pamphlet on the famous artist.  We have been reading the artist’s info and then doing the painting.  Each child has done their own painting, while the other two do their own interpretations of that particular artist’s style.


Jack and Noah’s renditions of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. ^^^

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Jack recreated Claude Monet’s Waterlilies.   He used all chalk pastels.  He (and me) were addicted to these things!!  I see us using them a lot in the future.  We also learned about shadows and shading and blending colors.


Noah did Henri Matisse’s Red Studio.  His was interesting because he painted the whole paper red to start and colored over the red with goldish oil pastel.  Then he designed all the paintings for the walls of the studio (that were actually stickers) and stuck them on the “walls.”


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Sophie recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  No, she didn’t freehand this…but she did learn about layering paint and creating texture with paint.  After the base coat, she used different stencils to layer the orange and green.  They are all so proud of their creations! Now I need to go to Goodwill and find some big ol’ frames for these masterpieces!!





  1. oh
    what fun

    i taught Art History again
    in our co-op last semester
    and it was super fun
    to see the kiddos' work
    come to life before their eyes

    i love you Grandma Moses

    and those art kitz are kool.


  2. love this….
    what kind of coop do you guys go to on Tuesdays?

    We do Classical Conversations on Mondays here and then school at home Tuesday-Friday.

    I'll admit that we do the minimum on Fridays though. 🙂

    love these art kits!!!

  3. Wow!! What talented kids you have!! And may I just say Noah is turning into such a young man. My oldest boy is leaving the preschooler phase behind and is just a boy. Hw do we handle them growing up like this?? Lol

  4. Um . . . WOW!
    Such little artists in the Hutchinson Academy! Definitely frame worthy masterpieces! You are such a fun teacher!!
    And we're in the same boat with Fridays- just not enough time in the week!

  5. Those turned out great! Do they have a recommended age? Just wondering if it would be age appropriate for my 1st grader…
    Thanks for sharing!

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