The Countdown….aka: Panic Mode

On Wednesday I went to the doctor. I had to drink that disgusting super-sugar soda stuff and immediately gave me gut rot. “Oh sure, I’ll drink this gross soda and then you can take my blood. Good times.” As I was leaving, my doctor casually mentioned that I needed to make my next appointment for two weeks instead of four.

Immediately my neck started itching and I couldn’t stop scratching it. We all know what that means…things are cool when your appointments are four weeks apart. We can handle four. But when they start getting closer together?? That means the countdown has begun. My mind started to spin…more neck scratching.  I have nothing for this baby yet. We got rid of everything when we moved. I don’t even have a Onesie for crying in the night (which is not a funny pun right now.) Scratch scratch.  Every plan that there ever was is all floating around in space somewhere and we are completely planless at the moment.  Our lease is up on April 1 and this child is coming April 16…more neck scratching.

This is so not me. I am organized. I have things ready. I have things prepared. Is this the lesson in all this?? That I need to learn I’m not in control?? Well, I get it. And although I’m super stoked about refining my character and all that, I need to have a little more semblance of normalcy than this.

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I am bending the truth slightly, I have done a few things to get ready for Spring Chick. I started a registry on It may be totally random and have no rhyme or reason to any of it, but that’s not the point…I did it.  I found a monitor on clearance at Target for $35, originally $120. Yeah! Monitor…check.  A sweet older lady from church gave me a bassinet.  Sleeping arrangement better than an empty drawer…check check.  Luckily I like things simple anyway.  I don’t need a ton of gadgets for a baby, just some diapers and a bottle or two.

A simple voicemail from a friend and a chat with another helped me stop scratching and realize that yes, things will shake out. If worse comes to worse I can always swing by Target on my way to the hospital and grab a car seat so they’ll let me take bรฉbรฉ home to it’s better-than-a-drawer bassinet.

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I feel better already confessing my panic attack.  I’m guessing many of you have been there too, right??? If not, don’t tell me. I might start scratching again.

Ok, I must go recover the 14 post-it note lists that I’ve stuck all over my house and since lost.

Ok, bye.


  1. Try and enjoy these last few months and not to get too stressed. I often think back to many times be were contemplating moving and life's everyday stresses wore on my already fried nerves, leaving many a day of short tempers and robbing my of my JOY. God has it all figured out. Breathe, Pray and believe this!

  2. I have been THERE! I am so the same. Super organized all. the. time. I'm pretty sure my last year of homeschool felt a bit like how you are feeling… lots of freaking out due to lack of plans. LOL Somehow it did teach me to roll with a bit better. (I think over time I have gotten a lot less roll with it and a back to how I used to be… so it was kind of short lived and perhaps I'm about to face another freaking out no plan zone. In fact, I'm pretty sure I am. I'll tell ya about it soon.)

  3. Isn't it funny how "prepared" we feel for baby # 1 even though we are totally clueless? Then, we purge and purge and purge our homes thinking there'll never be a baby #4, so we feel totally unprepared. Except, you are SO prepared. You hit it on the nail when you said you really just needed some clothes, diapers, somewhere to sleep and a carseat. You have done this before and you'll do it again…this sweet chick will teach you more and more about yourself and mostly about God. What a gift!

    And, you look like a rockstar. I can't believe how adorable you are pregnant. I never looked adorable….just very wide…very, very wide.

  4. oh girlfriend, i completely understand what you're going through. we also gave away everything. and i mean everything and had nothing for this little one. but, as you know, the more kids you have the less you need :). seriously ๐Ÿ™‚ baby just needs a couple of those oonsies (preferably with the little part that covers their hands so they don't scratch themselves), a car seat and a place to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ because, let's face it, the only thing baby cares about is your.. ahem, upper lady parts..if you know what i mean ๐Ÿ™‚ praying for you my friend, that you find some peace in the midst of all this. xoxo

  5. Glad you're back to blogging again, you were missed! Your sweet little thing is going to be very blessed to have such a loving family! Put on your mom's rose-colored glasses for a minute and count your blessings.

  6. You will be fine. My 4th was very similar. He is two now and still sleeps in a portable playpen in our closet. He seems fine;-) 4 onsies, undershirts, a blanket, bonnet and plenty of nappies worked well for us. don't think of it as minimal, just trendy simple living!

  7. That's a piece of cake three months it will all come together you'll see. Just think you will soon be able to have that baby sent. Love your hair it has grown fast must the the vitamins.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Now you have said everything out loud you'll feel a whole lot better and it'll all work out fine. Make a few lists, don't forget to rest plenty and we'll all help (virtually at least). Take care and enjoy your weekend x

  9. This might make you feel better…just 7 weeks ago when I had Sam, the day we came home from the hospital we went and closed on our house. the next day we moved into our new house, two days later I had to go take a test for grad school that I had to take or else I would have had to retake the class. Oh, and al of our baby stuff from the last baby was in the very back of the storage unit (we were smart and put it in first, making it unreachable) . Good news is I survived and you will too!

  10. you are really funny, you know that?
    scratch scratch. lol!
    do i need to come over there and shop with you?
    because i need some time away from this scene…:)
    thank God for the Target registry.
    that's all i have to say!
    *wink wink*


  11. Oh how I love you my dear friend!
    And I know what a ninja you are at whipping stuff together. It will all come together.
    Now let's talk about that ADORABLE baby bump picture! You are BEEEEEAUTIFUL! And did you get bangs? Your hair looks amazing! So really, just make sure your toes are painted and you're ready for labor. Hee hee!
    Wish I was there to go on a shopping spree with you.

  12. Remember that you're a veteran at this. And you have the wisdom of knowing that a baby doesn't need that much. With our first, we had all kinds of stupid stuff we never used.

    I hated those awful drinks….I had gestational diabetes with my first. UGH! That's the sickest sick I've ever been….drinking those drinks and trying to keep them down. I couldn't keep the orange flavored one down, and I went for YEARS without drinking orange juice or eating anything orange flavored.

    Take care, and I hope your "panic mode" goes away.


  13. Oh yes, and just wait until the 2 week ones turn to 1 week. But it is going to be okay. Get some goodies for the baby and I promise you will feel much better! With our last baby, we thought we had a good 4 weeks but at my 36 week appt. found out I needed to deliver in 2! eeek! But we made a list and a plan and everything was ok in the end. Praying for you.

  14. You are too cute and your little bundle of joy is lucky to have you! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I'm sure that baby will have all he/she needs ๐Ÿ™‚

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