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A Day in the Life of Homeschool Mama Ashley

A Day in the Life of Ashley, Homeschool Mama of Six

Good morning, Learning Well mamas! It’s such an honor to get to join y‘all over here today! My name is Ashley and I am a 6th year homeschooling mama to six kiddos on our little farm here in Texas. My husband and I are college sweethearts. We got married right out of college and started our family shortly thereafter. 

A little background about our homeschooling journey… I was actually homeschooled myself K-12. My mom was homeschooling all five of us kids before it was even a well known option and did such an amazing job! She’s the best and such an incredible mentor to me. My husband was the opposite and was in the public school system K-12. After we graduated college my husband began a coaching/teaching career in the public school system.

Even though I was homeschooled, it wasn’t really something that either one of us felt very strongly to pursue. We lived in an area that had an amazing school system and had planned on sending our kids to public school. 
When our oldest daughter was ready for Kindergarten, I just was NOT ready to send her. So we made the decision to homeschool for Kinder and take it year by year. We had the best year together! And while it was such a great year, my husband and I both felt like we needed to give our local public school a try (the same district he coached/taught for).

I tell people all the time… the school and the teacher we had were absolutely phenomenal. They went above and beyond and did such an incredible job. But, as the mama… I missed my girl. I missed getting to see her learn and discover. Halfway through the year, I felt like I was seeing my normally energetic and happy girl change. She was tired and grumpy when she got home. My husband noticed the same thing. After much prayer we decided to finish out the school year strong…then it was back to homeschooling for good!

It was such an eye opening and wonderful experience for our family. One that has solidified the choice we have made to homeschool. We now have six little ones and I teach 5th, 3rd, 2nd and Kinder. 
I’m excited for you to follow along on a fairly average day for our family…. here we go!

Morning Time

Most mornings I am up about an hour or so before my kids get up. I love taking that time to drink my coffee and get into the Word every morning. The mornings where that doesn’t happen first thing, I can tell a definite “off” rhythm to our day. And… my patience isn’t quite what it needs to be to teach and mother. There are mornings where the baby or a little one wakes up the same time I do. Which means I’ll still dig into the Word… just maybe with a little one curled up next to me or rolling around by me. I am certain the Lord sees those moments. Where I am needing His strength and encouragement for the day. And even if it’s just a few verses that get read, they’re enough to strengthen and feed me throughout the day. He’s good like that… to take care of us right where we’re at in life. Here’s a little timeline of the rest of our morning:

7:30- everyone is up! 

8:00- breakfast time! I love to make a hot breakfast most mornings (pancakes, sausage/eggs, oatmeal, muffins). So while I am making breakfast the kids begin on their morning chores. Each child has an assigned list of chores that need to be accomplished before our school day begins. Cleaning their room, making their bed, tidying a specific spot in the home (bathroom, living room) and then taking care of their animals.

9:00- the big 4 will go outside after breakfast to take care of all the animal chores. We have goats, a pig, cats, dog, and chickens. Each child is assigned an animal to take care of and tend to. We love the responsibility it builds in them! 

9:30- we’ll meet in the living room and start our day with Bible time. We will read a passage of Scripture, work on Scripture memory (right now it’s Psalm 139:1-18) and sing a hymn together. I love this part of our day. It’s not always perfect… but it has brought about some wonderful conversations about who Christ is and what He has done for us.

10:00- Table time! We move to the kitchen table where they jump into their subjects. We use the Good and the Beautiful for our phonics, reading, spelling, writing, literature, grammar, punctuation and art appreciation. And we use Horizons for our math. (More in comments)

While I am working with them, my older two work independently on the other end of the table. If they get stuck on something they’re able to ask OR they can set it aside until it’s their turn to work with me.

12:00- We usually break for lunch around noon. My younger two are always finished by lunch time, which frees me up to work on harder subjects with my oldest two after lunch. We’ll tackle anything they’re stuck on, go over spelling tests and also dictation.

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Afternoon Time

After lunch I’ll work with my big two kids (5th and 3rd) for an hour to finish up any subjects they’re needing assistance on. After that hour then it’s typically “quiet time” for about an hour and a half. During that time the baby will nap and my 3 year old will curl up on his bed or the couch with a stack of books. The big 4 are given the option to go outside to play, curl up with a book or play with something quietly in their rooms.

That section of “quiet time” is my time to get my work done. I know there are a lot of work at home mamas who homeschool. One of the questions I get asked a lot is- how do you juggle homeschooling and having a business? My BIGGEST suggestion is to always keep your schoolwork/children your top priority. When it’s school time, you put your phone/computer aside and focus. Give yourself “office hours” (or quiet time) to work your business. And when it’s not those office hours- you leave that job alone. 

The rest of our afternoon is spent playing, being outside, laundry (allll the laundry), tidying the house up before my husband gets home and just enjoying being together!

Thank you so much to Ashley for sharing your family’s day with us!

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