Self-Care for the Overwhelmed Mom

A few weeks ago, I shared some self care tips for moms. But not just any self care tips–some sort of tough love tips. Because moms are usually the best at taking care of others and the worst at taking care of themselves. But what happens when your the overwhelmed mom that can’t even begin to take better care of herself.

What then?

This motherhood journey includes so many seasons–for better or for worse. And none of us are immune to a few seasons of total overwhelm. In this podcast, I’m getting super basic with you–because if you are in a season of perpetual overwhelm, you need basic, simple advice that you can implement today.

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We’re talking about those seasons of overwhelm, how we can completely simplify and pare down our calendar and daily checklists. Here’s some of the things we’re talking about in the episode:

  • Simplifying your family dinners
  • Making the most of time in the car
  • Asking for help or splitting driving time with another parent
  • Slimming down other things during the busiest seasons
  • Freezer cooking for extra help
  • Your STUFF
  • Kids and chores
Self care for the overwhelmed mom.

Self Care for the Overwhelmed Mom

Episode 26 Timestamps

  • 5:00 – What to do During the Busy Seasons
  • 15:09 – Currently List

Links from the Episode

Currently List

Every episode of the podcast includes a Currently List: something I’m reading or enjoying or looking forward to. Basically anything bringing me joy that week. Here’s my currently list for episode 26.

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