First Step to Goal Setting? An Honest Look Back on the Year

The first step to goal setting is to take a look back on your year and see what worked and what didn't. Here's how to do an honest assessment.

Links + Mentions from the Episode:

The Fun House Projects We Accomplished this Year!

Your Free Goal Tracker

If you’re like me and need paper and a pen to help keep you on track, I’ve got you covered. Print out as many of these as goals you have, post on a clipboard and hang up so you keep seeing and and reminding yourself to keep going!


  • Reading: actually pondering on all the reading I did in 2018!
  • Watching: Bird Box on Netflix!
  • Enjoying: the Christmas tree…still!!

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  1. Hey there! I’ve loved your podcasts this new year! One idea to add to the mix. This year, for the first time, we did an audit of our 2018 calendar. My husband and I share a google calendar for all of our family obligations. It was a super cool way to look back through our year. It showed us all the fun things we did, places we went, and how we spent our time. As a side effect, it also showed me some ways we spent our time that added stress, or filled our calendar in an un-healthy way. We used all the info to make plans for the upcoming year. Who did we intentionally make dinner plans with in 2018? Which relationships do we want to make sure we invest in for 2019? What did we do to invest in our marriage in 2018? How do we want to do that in 2019? What did we over-do in 2018? What did we miss in 2018? Just a super great way to look forward to the upcoming year with intentionality and a purpose! Happy New Year!

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