why Thanksgiving’s my favorite

Thanksgiving is awesome for so many reasons. I think it’s probably one of my top three. But here’s why I love it so much:
It’s all about food.  The smells.

Little sous chefs that are willing to help and chop for a loooong time.

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Sidenote: egg slicers can slice so much more than eggs. Olives and mushrooms got  the slice yesterday with this little gadget. Perfect for littles too.

I love the preparations. The gathering of recipes. The shopping. The talking to my turkey, convincing him to not let me down. He’s thawing out beautifully.

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I love planning my table. This is my favorite part. I love making it all pretty.

I love getting ready for friends to come feast with us.
I love the turkey in all it’s juicy goldenness,
the mashed potatoes, Becky’s corn pudding, and my mama’s marinated veggie salad.

I love the leftovers.

I love the warm colors; mustard, green, and earth tones. I love planning the menu. It’s pretty much the same every year. It’s simple, but it’s so good.

I love that we eat out two nights prior because I’ve been cooking all day, but not dinner. I love buying the sparkling cider and little decorations.
If you like the name tags on my table, you can find them here.

I love the shopping the day after. I never used to, but I’ve changed. I just go to Target. It’s fun.
And I love pie.

Hope you have a fabulous and super yummy Turkey Day.
Be thankful.



  1. I love this! This is the kind of Thanksgiving I remember at my Grandmas house. Now that she's passed away my cousin has taken over and it just isn't the same. No pretty dishes, nothing pretty on the table… It seems more like a potluck than a holiday dinner :(. Someday I hope to have more room so we can host and " do it right!" ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So beautiful Alicia!! Mind if I come crash your dinner? Your menu sounds deeeeeeelicious! And your table is awesome!!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend! So thankful for you!!!

  3. I love your little helpers…I have some of those, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I seriously love when Lydia helps me at our meals…she seriously is a wonderful help!

    love how you've decorated for Thursday….so warm and welcoming.

  4. I love Thanksgiving for all the same reasons! Where did ya get the centerpiece? Love how simple it is! Enjoy tomorrow and then shopping. Happy Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

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