well, lucky you…

Are you totally turkey’d out today? Are you doing any shopping today? Well, if you have turkey hangover and you’re doing a little online shopping, I have something to tell ya…

If you’ve never heard of Amy @ Lucky Number 13, today’s your lucky day.  She is an adorable blogger and has recently opened a shop where she sells her vintage finds and vintage-y handmade goods. She has to be the thrifting queen! (and she taught me how to make the best homeade lattes ever…go read her blog!)

Here’s a few things from her shop. She has lots of things like these Bingo cards that could be used for tons of things…I’m thinking a banner, tags, scrapbooking. She also has a ton of ephemera for parties and holidays.
Then these bangles. I love them!

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She has a terrific variety and her inventory is changing all the time. I love these little enamel cups. 

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The best part is she’s offering y’all a 20% discount when you shop before December 5th. Just enter the code: LUCKY13 when you check out. Go check it out…I promise you’re going to find something you love!
Happy shopping!!

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