No Rest for the Weary

What a sight this is, huh?
Thanksgiving Monday should be as big of a deal as Black Friday. I am seriously in vacation mode, but there’s no rest for the weary, and really? Really I should be ok since Saturday and Sunday I had a two-hour naps…oh sweet heavenly naps. Does not happen often enough.
Back up a few days to Thanksgiving though, ummmmm….feast-i-lious!
Did y’all brine your turks? I loved reading your emails and questions. I hope they all turned out!!
Our turk was really good.
It really was gooood!!

I am usually not the best gravy maker, but this year I kicked gravy’s you-know-what, if I can even say that. I mean, ya…gravy train.

Becky’s Scalloped Corn is seriously to die for!! I have eaten way too much but I don’t feel one bit bad. My pregnancy senses are through the roof right now. All my senses are heightened…especially my sense of smell!! I can smell everything and sometimes that’s bad, but this time of year it’s very very good.

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We feasted and relaxed on Thanksgiving, then headed out for a hike. It felt really good to get off our bums after that big meal. We watched Elf that night all snuggled together in our little living room.
Friday morning, we headed out bright and early with our honey’s while the kids slept. We got almost everything off our lists and it was not that busy at all. I am kinda starting to really like Black Friday. Three years ago, I would have gasped at myself.

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Friday afternoon Becky and I went junking for some treasures. I wasn’t really looking for anything but we both found some great treasures. Friday night was leftovers….again.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Saturday morning we got up bright and early again so we could get to the Biltmore Estate. The Strahle’s had never been and we’d never seen it all decked out for Christmas. The Biltmore is always a sight to see. There’s so much history I can barely contain myself. I love it so much. I learn something new everytime.
So after two full days of cooking then getting up really early three days in a row and staying up late, I am tirrrred! 

But when Monday comes, there’s no breaks…it’s still go-time. Today was super busy. After school I filled a bunch of orders for my shop.  There’s a couple coupon codes out there right now and my last packages will go out on December 15th, so if there was something you were eyeing, you best do it now ๐Ÿ™‚ Links for the codes are below….

I cleaned dirty windows, assembled an egg bake for the morning, did a ton of laundry, changed the boys’ sheets to snuggly flannel ones, and put a whole pile of clothes away. Busy.
Tomorrow is grocery-getting, baking a dessert for the Boy Scout banquet tomorrow night, and sewing some custom orders.  More busy.
It’s good though. All good stuff.

I hope your holidays were wonderful; yummy and warm and wonderful. We are tired but full to the brim. Blessed.
My Christmas makes are going fast right now (God is so good!) and here are a couple of sweet bloggers that featured my shop and are sharing coupons codes for anyone interested.
Head on over to my shop to see the full Christmas line and don’t forget…I’m only shipping till December 15th!  Thanks for shopping!!


  1. Your turkey even looks juicy! YUM!!
    Your home looks like it was full of fun and laughter! Wish I could muster up the energy to do Black Friday- I just can't do it!!!

  2. somewhere right around the day before thanksgiving i lost all my energy. or maybe it's just that i'm so overwhelmed that i kinda don't know where to start. ugh.
    i don't know how you do it ๐Ÿ™‚
    so glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving! xoxo

  3. I am feeling tired too! I ate so much, stayed up way to late and feel exhausted…. but full too, so blessed by my wonderful family. I want to get my house decorated and shopping done and i have my tinkerbell party Friday! Then relax and try and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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