Around My House Right Now {Plaid Obsessed}

I love the seasons. They inspire me. Even winter I love. Winter to me means plaid. And I do love me some plaid! A couple weeks ago I switched out all my living room throw pillows with plaid slipcovers I sewed.  Immediate coziness! We don’t have any Christmas out yet…unless a spruce eucalyptus candle counts and a little tree in a bucket…but even just adding the plaid makes it feel more holiday-ish. Like, “holiday in the mountains” more than “glitzy glittery holiday” but still, it’s holiday.๏ปฟ

I ordered a large canvas from The Canvas People (I caught them on a great day with a huge sale!!) and blew up one of my favorites from our photo shoot with Joy.  Right now I think The Canvas People are doing 60% off PLUS free shipping! You might want to check them out.  The quality is great and I love the size. I need to get some more prints, but my walls are filling up!!๏ปฟ

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This week, I switched the boys’ regular cotton sheets for snuggly flannel Christmas ones. Right now they have these duvet covers from Pottery Barn on their beds, but I’m thinking of switching them out with these! Is it bad if I say I like Ikea’s duvet covers better than Pottery Barn’s? They just seem to lay nicer. I think I might go grab a pair of these to switch out for winter. What do you think?
On our lower level I did a little sprucing up with plaid as well. I had to do something with the pictures from this photo shoot.  I used a few frames I had and bought a few new ones and covered some with leftover plaid fabric from Sherlock’s cape. Just hot glue and fabric. I love them. I added a few old books and other things and I have a nice little vignette…I think I’ll just leave it for Christmas.  It’s Christmassy enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

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We aren’t getting our tree until Saturday. I don’t put a whole bunch of things out because it’s just kind of hard right now. Our garage is full to the brim with stuff and a lot of our Christmas things are in boxes and I just don’t care enough to go dig through them. Our ornaments and a few other things are ready and waiting at the bottom of the stairs for our trees (the kids have one too).  And that’ll just be good for this year (and last). ๐Ÿ™‚
Today I’m working on some YUM napkins and an advent calendar that I really hope turns out because I really think it’ll be cute!! I’ll share when I’m done!  I should probably fold the two loads of laundry on top of the dryer too. We’ll see.
Happy Wednesday to y’all!



  1. your place looks great! I love the bench/coffee table patina & I have a soft spot for plaid too. Unfortunately I went to get fabric post-Thanksgiving with my coupons and there was nothing left. Next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love your space and the plaid! Can I ask where you got your table and chairs, I was looking at some of your old posts and I just love them! Thanks!!!

  3. I'm a sucker for plaid,
    being mad for all things
    British! Love the warmth
    it brings to your home.
    Your pic on canvas is too
    cute for words!!! Love the
    Halloween shots that you
    took, as well.

    Enjoy your coziness : )

    xo Suzanne

  4. cute and cozy. love that lampshade did you make it? I have a plain drum shade I have been wanting to fancy up a bit….add it to my huge todo list. love the canvas, that was one of my fav shots.

  5. SO COZY!! I love it all my friend! Especially all the fun pictures of your sweet family!

    I say forget the laundry and have fun crafting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    For some reason I feel like wearing one of my flannels today. . .

    Chat with you soon!

  6. i love your house. love. love.

    i ordered some canvases as gifts for our family since i took their pictures anyway it was just fitting. and such a great deal, too!

    my house is so stale. nothing new, same old same old stuff for the past 8 years. i need an update!

  7. lookin' good, girlfriend!
    can i come to IKEA with you?
    our closest is 4 hours away. :/
    you know, i love adding simple touches like you did for Christmas, too.
    pine trees in the house, plaid, pine smells and subtle and simple touches are my favorite.
    i'm not glitzy either, but i'm not against the glitz! ๐Ÿ™‚
    have a wonderful day sweetie!

  8. You are so talented.
    Your house is a work of art.
    I need to get pictures on the wall still.
    I need to fluff.
    I have Christmas stuff up, so that should help hold me over until the new year….the house always seems fluffier at Christmas…too bad it's frowned upon to leave a Christmas tree up all year.

    I love love love your canvas picture!
    I love love love LOVE your Sherlock Holmes wall!
    Genius…pure and utter genius!

  9. love how you've cozied up your home….every year I say that I'd like to change out the pillows in our family room to "winter" up the place, but I never do. It would be so much easier if I sewed like you! Maybe one year! Yours are awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm ordering a few things from canvas people this weekend…hope the sale is still going on when I order!!!

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