I have a feeling about March. 

March is bringing all the good things.  Shamrocks, green stuff, and a good dose of luck.  I mean, I am Irish, so it makes sense.  This March in particular though, is going to be pretty amazing.  I just have a feeling. 

We were in Minneapolis for the weekend celebrating my oldest THIRTEENTH birthday. (what!?) And on the way back to South Dakota, the excitement started swelling.  I put all the kids to bed early last night and sat down with my planner, planning out my month…prioritizing, making plans, getting organized.  This morning I woke up early, went outside for a colder-than-blast run and I it sort of gave me a dose of stamina to take on the tasks ahead.

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March is going to be full.  March is going to be crazy.  But March is going to be awesome.  Why?

…because Learning Well. 

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This ecourse is my baby right now.  It’s a project I’ve been cooking up for a long, long time.  I am so thankful to Jeanne for helping me with this.  The videos from the guest mamas are coming in daily and I’m tearing up watching them.  Not because they’re sad at all, but they are SO so good and I am so proud to know these mamas.  I’m so humbled that they would take the time to record themselves and share their homeschool talents for this course.  And I am so very excited for YOU to learn from them.  I am working on my videos too, editing, and preparing printables and an awesome class notebook for notes and more!

Click here for lots more info on the course and click here to register.  Don’t forget! Right now is the early bird registration, but it will end on March 16th, so don’t wait to sign up!

….because birthday planning.

You know I love me a good party.  Little Sissy is turning 7 this month and we’re currently deciding on a theme.  I’ve given her till end-of-day to decide so we can get busy.  I’m dreaming about last year’s Woodland Fairy party and wishing for spring, but we’ve got some pretty good contenders…it will be good.  And what’s not to celebrate about SEVEN??!!

….because teenagers.

You guys, I have a teen.  What the what!?! I have NO idea how this happened, but I do and frankly, it’s a little freaky, but I’m going to look at the good points….like 1. adult conversations//not just about the reasons why brushing your teeth is beneficial and discussing why Forest Gump is an awesome movie.  2. a babysitter//I mean, this is totally selfish, but hello! He’s a teenager now, no reason why big bro can’t babysit! ๐Ÿ™‚ 3. maturity//I know, I know…not like super mature yet, but he’s getting there…he’s becoming an adult and I can see it. It’s pretty cool, actually.

….because a house!!!

That’s right!! We found a house, the inspection is done, and we are closing on the 31st!! You know how people say they just walk in and know? Well, I knew.  I knew on our last house too.  I can reconciled with myself that this house hunt had turned so ugly and desperate that we were either going to end up renting or buying a house that was just so-so and would live with it just because.  This isn’t like that.  I love it.  I love the lot, love the interior, the exterior…all of it.  There’s of course little things to do like painting and such, but mostly we are going to move in and live in it.  We’ll save projects for summer or later, but for now we are just looking forward to living under one roof with unpacked boxes and getting to know our new city.  From what I can tell, we will be near a new library, lakes, and trails.  And yes, I am so excited.

March,  so far, I love you.  You hold so much right now!


  1. Hooray for March! Alicia, I've been following your blog for a long time and just love catching up with you. God is clearly blessing you guys and it seems like everything is coming together. Stay sweet and never lose hope dear friend. Can't wait to see pics of the new place! I love the statement about being able to move in and " just live"! Love it!

  2. Hip horray!!!! Yay for a new house and birthdays. We were getting desperate for any house in the end but when you finally see one and feel it's right it's such a relief. Why are there so many badly designed houses out in the world? Go March for moving!

    Happy Birthday teen! Hope you had a great weekend. No more house hunting, best birthday present ever.

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