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I’ve noticed something around here, and you’ve probably noticed it too.  When the going gets tough in our homes, or maybe even when things are just going, we’re the last one we take care of.  Always.   In the midst of all the busyness of big project execution, homeschooling, and getting ready to move into our new house, I have felt stretched thin…sometimes threadlike on these busy days.  Mamas, I know you feel the same.  We invest so much love into our little people, as we should, as is our calling…but we need to save a little love for ourselves too.
I wrote this post for you, as well as for me.
There’s many ways, but I chose five that seem easy to me at this current moment, but here are five ways we can take care of ourselves this week:
1. Go to bed early.  How many times have I typed or written those words?  A lot.  This month I have been working on going to bed early, not only because I know sleep is good for me, but because I’m bloody exhausted, dahling.  Mentally, physically, you name it, I have that sort of exhaustion right now.  I need sleep and my mind and body needs time to just shut off.  Lists, hiring movers, figuring out the logistics of moving, and all the other things that come regularly with life are filling my brain during the day and I need to have a long period of time where they are dumped out.  Not only do I want to go to bed early to take care of myself, but also for the next point:
2. Get up early.  There’s something about getting up and dressed right away and facing the day ready instead of behind, that’s completely motivating.  This week, my goal is to be up and dressed by six so I’m able to journal, drink a cup of coffee, and answer emails before the kids wake up.  I need this time more than ever to get my ducks in a row uninterrupted, because there’s a lot of ducks right now.

3. Do something just for you.  Saturday morning I walked into a low-lit yoga studio full of strangers.  I’m not a yogi.  I do some yoga with my kids in our living room, but that’s totally different than actually performing yoga moves in front of people.  I caught the instructor’s eye in the mirror giving me questionable glances when I twisted the wrong way a few times, but I did it.  I held my tree pose for what seemed like forever and I rocked some warrior poses.  I did it just for me.  It was an hour where I thought about nothing else but my breathing, and that was a gift.  Do something just for you.  It might be a trip to Starbucks by yourself or a new pair of spring shoes, but treat yourself…be aware of your wants too, not just your kids’.

4. Have a fun book on your nightstand.  I’m not talking about parenting books or how-to-be-a-better-person books, we read enough of that.  I’m talking about just for FUN reading.  What do you enjoy? Is it Jane Austen, historical fiction, or mysteries? Go to the library this week and stay away from the non-fiction section.  Get something just for fun that you can get cozy with at the end of a long day right before you doze off.

5. Pamper every single day.  Let’s try something this week.  Instead of taking a three-minute shower with kid shampoo, let’s pull out all the stops.  Let’s get out that fancy shampoo we were given but never use and some new lotion.  Every day this week, let’s pamper ourselves a little bit.  Take a bath instead of a shower and use those bath salts we never use, take some extra time on your make-up, rub your sore feet with lotion before bed, and put some pretty sachets in your underwear drawer.  Just doing those little things will remind us that we’re important.  We need care too, not just our kids.
Invest love into YOU this week.
The plant in the photo below moved with us from Asheville.  It was in the car while we drove and one night when we were traveling, we left it in the car and it froze…pretty much to death.  When we arrived in Minnesota, it was limp, tired, and not one branch was standing tall.  Since it was technically Sophia’s plant I said I would try to revive it, but it was probably not going to be as pretty as it had once been.  We pruned off the dead parts, fed it, watered it, and left it in the sun.  After a couple weeks, we noticed that there were some beautiful, healthy branches down at the bottom that had been covered by the dead parts.  After a few months of intentional care though, it is flourishing.  It’s growing taller and stronger every day and it looks like it will be prettier than ever.
This is us, mamas.  We neglect ourselves and allow ourselves to get beat down, tired, and exhausted to the point of being limp.  Come inside, sit in the sunny window, trim the dead off, and grow tall with Vitamin D.  We owe that to ourselves.  When we’re feeling good, we spread more good around us.  Take care of yourself today.


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  1. Love this post! After two years of wanting to start yoga (the studio is less than a minute from my house, too), and being super scared. Of what, exactly, I have no idea. I started yoga a month ago! I go 5 days a week now ! My kids are older, so I know that part is easier for me. But it has changed me! You are right..just focusing on our breath for an house, and exhaling the clutter in our minds, can do wonders. For us, and the people around us! Happy mamas! We need to do something for ourselves. Thank you for the reminder! And I agree totally about no self help books sometimes! Haha! 🙂 ~Debbie

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