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People ask me all the time how long we will homeschool.  Will we homeschool all the way through? Will we attempt to homeschool through high school?  My answer is always this: we take things a year at a time.  I’ve experienced enough to know blanket statements like “always” and “never” don’t always work the way we thought.  We travel down a road, take an abrupt turn and venture down another one we never thought possible the year prior. 
With homeschooling, it’s no different for us.  We know our kids change.  Our seasons change.  Our lives are continually changing.  So why would we attempt to create the same exact homeschool year after year? We can set goals, we have strive for things, but we have to remember to live as well.

We Mamas Change and So Do Our Kids

Albert Einstein said,

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” 

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We are wise to apply this to our homeschools as well.  We change, mamas.  We learn more, we hear of different ways to teach, we come across better ways of doing things and curriculum that suits our children better.  Our kids change too.  Their learning styles become more honed in.  Their interests change and their skills are sharpened.  Be observant enough to notice those changes…and change with it. 

What didn’t work then might work now

Did you buy a science kit at a homeschool convention that you thought was going to be amazing? And then it failed?  Yes, me too.  It’s been a year and our kids have developed different tastes.  Pull that kit out again and try again.  You might be surprised by what happens.

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Keep Learning

I’m not talking about our kids…I’m referring to you, mamas.  If we’ve been homeschooling for one year or twelve, it’s always a good thing to keep learning.  Go to conferences, read articles, talk to friends, and read new books about homeschooling.  Keep learning new techniques and new methods.  We are never too old to stop learning.  We will benefit from it, our kids will benefit from it. 

Evaluate Often

I find that using Christmas break and summer break to re-evaluate serves my children well.  Sometimes even more often is needed too!  Evaluate your curriculum, your schedule, your activities, and your progress.  If any of these are lacking or struggling, it may be time to change things up.

Keep what works, ditch what doesn’t

For us, our homeschooling days look much different than they did in the very beginning.  But there are always those things that are tried and true for your family.  Is there something in your home or school that works wonderfully? Keep it! But if there’s things that don’t, by all means…change it up!

Keeping an open heart and mind in our homeschools keeps things fresh and new.  Be open to change…it might be just what you need.  Evolve with the changes of your family, your home, your kids, your activities, and your levels of learning. 

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  1. Such a good reminder! I get so excited this time of year thinking about all the ways I want to switch things up for the next year!

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