The last six days have felt like a whirlwind of summer vacation, driving, more driving, lots of photos, lots of oohing and ahhing over amazing scenery, and more than that–lots of family and friends.  The kids and I are on what you might call the quintessential American summer road trip.  We starting heading west about a week ago.  We’ve been through four states and have driven a large “L” shaped route–twice over Montana.  Let me just say–it’s pretty amazing.

So far we’ve:
sweated and hiked through the Badlands of South Dakota,
dug Wall Drug and enjoyed some free water,
hung out with family and shopped at my sister’s store,
driven a helluva lot,
spent a few days with my bestie, Amy, and her girls,
slid down a mountain in Whitefish, MT,
driven through Glacier Park,
swam in Lake MacDonald in GNP,
driven some more,
went junking–Montana style,
taken a zillion photos,
and driven a little more….

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We said goodbye to our friends yesterday and headed south.  Amy flew to Asheville three July’s ago.  We hadn’t seen each other before that and we haven’t seen each other since until this week.  The funny thing is, it didn’t seem like that much time had passed and we just pick up where we left off.  I love friends like that–easy and refreshing.  We get each other and our kids were like long-lost cousins.  It was pretty perfect.

We’re still Montana.  This state has too much to offer to only stay a few days.  It feels like summer; the packed car, the road map, the travel journal, and all the things I remember from road trips with my family.  There’s something about doing something with your own kids that you did growing up that makes being a parent so much sweeter.

Happy summer weekend to you, wherever you might be…


  1. A faithful reader from Montana here! We are in Great Falls. If you have an opportunity to travel through this area, I would encourage you to visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Giant Springs State Park and Fish Hatchery (right down the road from the Interp. Center), and the First People's Buffalo Jump (formerly named the Ulm Pishkun) — at a minimum! Glad to know you are enjoying the beauties of our state. We were up to Glacier a couple of weekends ago.

    I also want to take the chance to thank you for your beautiful blog. I feel like I have a kindred spirit out there! I pariticularly enjoyed your e-course recently; it really helped a lot.

    Safe travel and many thanks and love,


  2. So fun!! So happy your adorable family's were able to connect again and make some adventurous memories with your Dearies!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed MT! It's wonderful here! We are in Kalispell and soooo happy to be back! Hugs!!!!

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