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I love the beginning of a project–the plans and details are all ready to go and the excitement of the project is like a happy rainbow over the current “before” picture.  I love the end of a project–the bright, shiny, new space that’s just waiting to be fluffed and primped.  The thing that almost always puts me over the edge–unless it’s a super quick one–is the middle.  Projects and fixing things up are a huge excitement to me–until they take over my life.  Then I can’t stand projects.  This is why I like to go heavy on the planning stage, figure out how long everything should take, and then just get it done. 
Our basement project was a big one and you can’t really factor in family emergencies or extended baseball schedules, but I can finally say…it is finished.  Hooray and hallelujah.
I shared our schoolroom and the school room problems a few weeks ago.  It all just needed to be streamlined and freshened up.  We tore out the old carpet and laid some high-quality laminate flooring that I am in love with.  I painted white all over the basement–lots and lots of white.  There is some wainscoting along the bottom of the walls, so I gave those a fresh coat of white and painted the top portion on the walls with black chalkboard paint.  I really love how it turned out–but first, the before:

This is a small room and I really wanted to open it up as much as I could.  We used one existing bookshelf and added two the same size from IKEA to house all of our books.  We also rearranging everything and took lots of stuff out to use in different areas of the house.

Note the stripped down steps to the left–another project that is almost complete.  More to come on those beauties soon.


I am really pleased with the desk area.  I knew I wanted a nice, deep counter space that I could also use for my own projects and sewing–eventually, that is if I ever craft or sew ever again.  We just bought some stock upper cabinets that were unfinished and painted them white.  They’re about $45 each, which made this a pretty cheap desk.  For the counter, we used white shelving.  It works really well and we’ve used this before in other projects.

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 There’s still a little bit to fluff in here–add a little art, add handles to the cabinets, putting on new outlet and light switch covers, etc.  But this space has improved so much over these last hectic weeks.  I’m feeling much better about the upcoming school year and I can finally feel really good about ordering curriculum and planning our school year. 

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  2. How awesome to have a whole room for homeschooling! you've done an awesome job rebooting that space! I'm the same with the excitement at the start and at the finish of a project, but since I only really have a homeschool "bookshelf" to reorganize, I'm really not finding any excitement at the beginning of the project and probably because I know the after won't be so drastically "new". But this has helped me start thinking about getting ready, and that's a huge help! xo emily

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