I love summer, but about mid-way through is when I begin to see those blank faces. Yes. They claim they’re bored. But there are so many ways to LEARN this summer and I think there’s a way we can nurse the so-called boredom with learning activities!

Shall we try it?!

We are of the camp that believes summer is not for school. But we’re also of the camp that believes that learning happens allllll the time. There’s a million and one ways to learn this summer, but I’m going to give you 49 awesome ways to learning this summer. (THANK YOU, Instagram Friends for your ideas!!) We’ll cover subjects like art, nature, geography…even ways to learn this summer when it’s too hot or rainy!

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Keep scrolling through to the bottom of the post to download a printable list of all these fun summer learning activities.

There's so many ways to learn this summer with your kids. This post will show you 49 ways how, plus a printable list!

Summer is officially “off school” time, but it’s honestly one of my favorite times to learn with my kids! Ready?!

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Awesome Ways to Learn this Summer

  1. Do challenges with Legos. Great STEM activity!

2. Give your kids a bag of Easter eggs to hide for each other

3. Hand out glue guns and the recycling bin and have your kids create creatures or robots. (We love the low-heat glue guns.)

4. Go to Goodwill and purchase small appliances like curling irons or keyboards. At home, give your kids tiny screwdrivers and have them disassemble and reassemble.

5. Give kids a pile of scrap wood, nails, and a hammer and see what they create.

Learning about Art this Summer

6. Have kids take coloring books to lay on the trampoline, hammock or a blanket in the backyard.

7. Paint Rocks (We just found THIS book about rock painting and it is SO inspiring!)

8. Art Hub for kids on YouTube

9. Have kids create a scene with modeling clay like a picnic or school supplies.

There's so many ways to learn this summer with your kids. This post will show you 49 ways how, plus a printable list!

10. Take a course from Chalk Pastel Art…they’re so fun and easy! (You can read about their art club HERE.)

Studying Science + Nature this Summer

11. Watch Curiosity Stream…best educational streaming out there!

12. Create a nature shelf or nature table

13. Work on a Nature Explorer guide (I think frogs or butterflies would be great guides to do in summer!)

14. Try a bird call (We have and love THIS one!)

15. Go to the lake or beach (There are so many great nature treasures to find there!)

16. Grow a veggie garden

17. Go on a nature walk, collect nature finds, bring them home and inspect with a microscope.

18. Grow a fairy garden

19. Tinker Crate is an awesome option for “bored” summer days. We have loved ours! You can read the review I wrote about Tinker Crate HERE.

20. Have big kids create a scavenger hunt for little siblings or neighbor kids–how fun!

21. Play capture the flag with neighbors–we need more old school fun, do we not?!

22. Give your kids a pack of solo cups and see what they can create with them.

Ways to Learn about Geography this Summer

23. Study the National Parks. There is so much to learn about them! Here’s some favorite books to start with:

24. Go on a road trip. Have your kids follow along on their own maps.

25. Play the license plate game. Have your kids check off the states they see on passing cars. There’s a great magnetic version of the game or you can just give your kids a checklist with all the states.

26. Create a vacation map. Color in the state you’ve traveled to.

27. Play with the U.S. Pin-It Map. These maps are wonderful learning tools.

There's so many ways to learn this summer with your kids. This post will show you 49 ways how, plus a printable list!

28. Around the World Stories are a wonderful way to start the day or play during rainy afternoons. You can read my review about Around the World Stories HERE.

How to get your Kiddos to Write this Summer

29. Have your kids write to a pen pal or cousins.

30. Use blank comic books and have your kids create! (This will give your kiddos a good does of art AND writing!)

31. Write letters to grandma…she’ll love that!

32. Write in a travel journal. Here are some really great options!

33. Have kids create a magazine with old magazines and stapled construction paper.

34. Create a newspaper based on the current events of their own lives.

Life Skills to Learn this Summer

35. Have a lemonade stand–they’ll learn about interacting with others, counting change, free market and more!

36. Wash the car

37. Teach kids how to DEEP CLEAN some thing(s): defrost the deep freezer, scrub out trash cans, change filters

38. Make jam

39. Try Raddish Kids. It like a cooking class for kids! We are going to be trying this soon and I’m SO excited!

Learning About History this Summer

40. Pick a person from history or historical event and go get ALL the books on the library about it.

41. Visit a local historical site

More ways to Learn this summer even when it’s too hot and rainy

42. Play with water beads

43. Play with Marble Run

44. Have Audible Afternoons and pick a favorite read aloud to listen to while you listen to the rain coming down. Add cookies for extra goodness!

45. Take part in your local library reading programs

46. Have your kids create their own board games

47. Play with Magnatiles. We love these!

48. Give your kids a few bucks and go to the Target Dollar Spot. Challenge them to choose things that they can create something with.

There's so many ways to learn this summer with your kids. This post will show you 49 ways how, plus a printable list!

49. Work on a large puzzle.

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