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Our long weekend felt shorter than it should have, but every second was packed with goodness.  Adjusting to life without family close by has been hard, but God knew just what we’d need when He moved the Strahles to Virginia just 3 months before we moved to North Carolina.  You’d hardly believe that that we’d only met in person twice before we both moved, but over these last two years we’ve spent holidays and vacations and long weekends together over and over. I say they feel like family…and they really do. 
Ms. Vera Mae was smothered in love this weekend. They came to meet their new “cousin.” I don’t think she was barely put down for three days and my kids so graciously shared their new sister. We have majorly confused our kids about family trees, Sophie introduced Jack as her brother to some kids at the playground and she introduced Little Chick as her cousin. She was dead serious. Noah asked me last night if Becky was officially their aunt…I just nodded.

Something about loving someone else’s kids connects you. I love Becky’s girls, I hug them and kiss their little heads…she does the same to mine.  
We spent time all together watching movies, hanging out at the pool, relaxing by the lake.  Becky and and I got some time to sneak away and have a couples massage, a fancy lunch, and browse my favorite antique store…some much needed time away.

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{and just like that the Hutchinson’s as ducks swam by…it was crazy.}

I needed some friend time. It’s been a while. We needed some face to face conversation…it had been too long. We solved all the world’s problems from parenting to blogging to camera equipment, all whilst snuggling a baby and drinking coffee.
They needed to meet this baby. They have a special connection to our babe.  Becky somehow knew I was pregnant even before I told her, they were there when we told our kids she was coming, Becky listened while I poured out my worries about having another baby so much later than my baby.  They were there in the middle at Thanksgiving time to see me groooow.  They were there to hash over all our stresses and cry with us when we thought we’d be moving an hour away from them and then suddenly weren’t.  They’re those  people.  We are so happy to have them share life with us.

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  1. What A Blessing!!!!
    So happy for your families! Friends like family are the absolute best!

    And I love that duck picture- so sweet!! Just like your sweet family!

    Love you!

  2. now you're making ME cry! seriously don't know what we'd do without you. God just knew we needed our hutchinson's close. so true that we love those kids of yours. weird;)

  3. You two are so lucky to have such a special friendship. It sounds like your kids feel the same way ๐Ÿ™‚

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